Friday, July 15, 2011

All Scooped Up

Done and all finished last night. Warm colors, cool idea, these socks turned out better than expected. For a while, before I started them, I had been obsessing about what stitch and what texture, and in the end I went with the simplest of stitches, and simplest of textures, and let the colors predominate. I did the same with the heel and a bit with the toe (which ended up being a round toe).

Most of the yarns in these socks are left overs—some are left over from the Roy G Biv socks. The red,(cherry) was also used in the puffy stripe socks, and the yellow was used in the Passionately Purple socks, and in the Halloween Stripe socks. There are more left overs--(the red is nearly used up, but a little remains there is more of the yellow, orange and raspberry) and these (or some of these) will be used in the Crazy 8 socks later this year.

There is a good deal of brown left—the 100 gm skein was divided, into 2 50 gm balls and about 20 gm were used for these socks. (that is 20 gm from each 50 gm ball. 30 gm is not enough on its own to make a pair of socks, but... there are so many ideas for using up the partial balls.

I could do a nice deep stranded color work cuff (with a mostly plain leg and foot) something like these--(only I, think not with white as a contrasting color) –Or I could do a turkish style socks..and use the brown with a bunch of other colors. (left over blue from the Beaded Blue Beauties to start!)

Then again, I could do stripes—alternate some hand painted type yarns with the solid brown—That is an idea on my list (the PLAN) Or the brown could be used for another pair of puffy socks--I don't think I have that many shade of brown (the way I did grey). But I could just do puffy stripes of different colors—marigold yellow, and grass green, and light lavender, and end up with a brown foot. It would be a very different puffy sock—but I think it could work.

That one problem I am always facing—I designed these socks to use up partial balls (and did reduce the partial balls signifcantly) but I also created, in brown, a new (large) partial ball!

I've done a number of socks with left over colors—I often think of these as free be's. These socks are half free—since the brown is a new (if only partially used skein) and the next pair of sock knit with the remaining brown yarn will be half free too. (2 full pairs of sock out of 1 full ball? A bargain!)

It's not like I don't have skeins and skeins of sock yarn—but I love mixing up my own color and patterns and stripes-Then again, I love self striping yarn (and super easy sock with no ends to weave in!)

Contrary to the bone!


JelliDonut said...

They're adorable!

Judy said...

"Contrary to the bone!" And that is why I love to read your blog!

gayle said...

Very pretty!
Sometimes I think the planning is half the fun.