Friday, July 08, 2011

Bad Publicity

Is there such a thing? Publicist always say NO—And insist you just need to put a spin on it.

Well before I continue-let me give you some background. I am a perfectly normal, sligthty obsessive, person. Some where along the way I learned to channel my OCD tendencies into useful hobbies (and to be obsesses with cast ons, and not compulsively washing my hands, or checking the door lock).

Since I started blogging, I have been a bit obsessive behind the scenes. I use site meter to track visitors and detail about the visistor—WHERE is one obsess detail—Where isn't very specific It's just city/state (or city/country)--but I love seeing the extent. This morning someone in Inchon South Korea visited my blog! Amazing!

Even more than WHERE, I obsess about REFERRALS. How did they find there way to my blog?

Most of all, I obsess about the numbers. HOW many today? Compared to yesterday, compared to last week, compared to last month and compared to last year?

So—when I find a bunch of hits (more than normal, boosting my daily total!) I try to track them down. SiteMeter helps--it show (when possible) referrals.

On the forums section of this site, about Etiquette, (in a thread specifically about how supportive you should be towards family members artistic efforts) I found this comment (made by poster WillyNilly)
I am not sure who WillyNilly is, or how they are related to me, but that doesn't really matter. (I could have joined the site to get more information—but really, that borders on stalking—sure I am obsessive at times, but I do know where and when to draw the line!)

In light of the recent posts about support, I have to chime in. I have a few family members who are textile artists. I don't particularly care for much of their stuff. But I support them by talking them up to others who do like the genre.

For example my family member's knitting blog ( I find it unreadably boring. But its quite popular, so I recommend it to knitters regularly. As a non-knitter I just can't do it, even though I obviously have plenty of time to tool about on the interwebs daily as evidenced by my posting on this site. You'd think, "hey I love this person, and I want to support her, whats 5 minutes of reading out of my life" but try as I might I can't get through a blog post.

There was a time in my life, when all I would see in those two paragraphs are the words unreadably boring. But I have grown wiser. (OK, its taken ages, but it has happened!) and what I see now is: 12 hits already today, and close to 30 yesterday! Call me boring from now till doomsday, so long as you include a link!

Sure, I like good reviews and I am thrilled beyond belief to have 91 faithful followers—but Oh how happy it makes me to get all those page hits, in the normal summer doldrums!

(Meanwhile, the orange stripe is not completed and there is nothing else new on the knitting front)


Anonymous said...

I just realized that you changed your picture and have on one of the new hats that you made. It is a lovely picture and I love the hats. I might not like everything I read on a blog but I certainly never find them boring. Have a good weekend. Deneise in Kansas

Judy said...

"...As a non-knitter..." there is the key to the comment. I would bet the same person would find my blog "unreadably boring" for the some of the same reasons.

Love the new picture, it is so becoming of you!

JelliDonut said...

I think it's amazing that a non-knitter (even if they are family) would take the time to recommend a knitting blog. I agree--take the publicity when and where you can get it.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I love the new picture, and your blog. You are really very interesting and helpful in more ways than anyone probably ever stops by to say. Non knitters would find a knitting blog boring, I'm sure. To each their own!