Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fast Food, and Slow Knitting

I try and get to the pool every day in the summer—and most days I do at least 20 (often 40) minutes of water aerobics—climbing 30 flights of imaginary stairs, cross country skiing a mile, hundred of jumping jacks with my flotation 'weights', bicycling around--up right, and on my side, to work obliques, too.

I also spend some time, most days, just lolling about in the water, yakking with friends. Instead of a cool down, I have a warm up—and get my 15 minutes of vitamin D building sun shine in fading rays of the setting sun. (I have a little color—I look normal instead of my real normal of pasty white!)

It's not a huge work out, but working out in cold water, (as science has just documented) leave me ravenous. My solution is fast food. No, I don't undo my efforts (which are really efforts to keep fit and to keep my joints limber, not to loose weight) by eating junk food—just fast to prepare food.

These past 2 nights? The same supper. Start with a very large salad bowl. Take one 12 oz bag of prepared salad greens (I like the mix with carrots and cabbage, best, but I do change it up) –This bag claims to be 4 servings (and I guess it could make 4 side salads). Put the entire bag in salad bowl. Then add:
1 small to medium beefsteak tomato coarsely diced
1 red pepper (or maybe just ½ pepper, if its very big)also diced
2 thick slices of onion (Vadalias) (or 2 thin slices of any other onion), finely diced
some protein (Crumbled bacon is my first choice, but tuna, or chicken or cheese work) not to much though
Croutons (for a bit of starch/fast acting carbs)

Toss and add some dressing –Sometimes, if I have planned ahead, this is a homemade vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar, most often, its just a bottled dressing.

The whole thing can be made in 3 minutes (fast food!) But it takes me a half hour to eat it. And as I chomp away on the greens, I slowly fill my belly. Most nights, it's almost enough food. Sometimes (an hour later) I suppliment the salad with some hummus and crackers, and I almost never deny my sweet tooth something—but I try to keep it light (fruit) but chocolate pudding is another frequent option. Not exactly a low cal dessert, but so what!

As for the slow knitting? Well I started a single hat on 14th (Thursday) after I finished July's socks—and haven't made too much progress. The Hat (what else but my G Class Star Hat!) has 3 parts, the crown (cast on to 96 stitches--my magic number most often for hats), the sides (no increases, just lace) the brim (more increases and hem) .

As of today, I've just reached the side (R 1 of the side pattern has been work) I'm making the blue one—and in spite of plans to add beads (even to the point of having bought the beads to add) I am not.

Next weekend, there is a family get together—and one of the hats will be a birthday gift to a sister, and a second hat will be offered (if she likes it) to the family matriarch—a second cousin who is, one of my biggest fans. She and my father are the only remnants of the previous generation.

At 86, she has slowed down a lot, but she still get up and dresses (formally) for mass every morning, and she always wears a hat, not a scarf or bit of lace. She'll make good use of summer hat. I've made her a winter hat some years ago (this one —which was on the small side) and she thanks me again, every winter—always after she's received a compliment—and the hat fits her well, and matches her winter coat, so she is always getting compliments.

Maybe I'll make some progress today on the hat--I better! I still plan to knit 2 more in the next 7 days!
For sure, I will be working out, (and eating some more fast food!) today—the weather man tells me it will be hotter today than yesterday.


JelliDonut said...

How many hats in total will you have done? I've lost count!

Unknown said...

This Blue one is number 7, black and violet, (still to come) will be 8 and 9. I've only worn the first- (aqua) and I've given away (already) the orange (terra cotta) one.
At this rate, I'll end up with 6 of the 9. but i might end up giving more of them away.

gayle said...

My favorite 'fast food' is a quesadilla - I always have flour tortillas and cheese on hand, and add whatever I've got in the fridge for filling. (A pesto, mozzarella, and sliced tomato quesadilla makes a lovely supper! Though leftover chicken, salsa, and pepperjack is pretty perky, too.)
I'm glad you're keeping some of the hats for yourself. Love your new avatar pic.

Virginia G said...

We just went to Astoria Park's pool for the first time today. It was pretty awesome. :)