Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finished –But Not Done!

I took the time last night to weave in all the ends --Well there will be the final tail to weave in when the toe is done; but...Most of the finishing is done! This way, when I am done with the knitting, I will also be just about finished with the socks.. I haven't decided on a flat (aka French toe) or a round one, or some other toe. But it really doesn't matter, every toe I can think off end with a tapestry needle, and the last tail to weave in will be a fast and easy one.

At this point, there is just about 6 inches of foot—I'll need another inch before I can start the toe shaping. But the chocolate brown is now, not a small stripe, but a significant part of the sock--and visible progress has been made.

Just in time too—I need to get 2 more G Class Star hats knits by next weekend, (Since I have promised one to my sister for her birthday) and there is another bottle sock to knit, and... July is a close to being half gone—Where does the time go?!

There is always time for summer fun! I left the pool early last night (Early: before I was given the bum's rush of the deck, with the announcement of “The pool is now closed!” ) and got home moments before a quick summer shower bustled through—A gust of wind, a clap of thunder, a fine mist of rain (about 1/10th of an inch) that left behind, as a bonus—a double rainbow! I caught just a part of it from my window—(by the time I got down was gone!) but other tell me it was a full double-- spanning the sky. What a treat!

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