Friday, July 29, 2011

Let There Be Light

Such a simple thing--$3.27 before tax- for a simple toggle socket—and soon a –with the addition of a shade a real pretty lamp. And I didn't even use most of the socket parts (just the inside most pieces not the shiny brass cover.

The socket (the silver tip at the top) is protected by the shade (frame) base.
see image to the right--the lamp is about 12 inches tall, the shade frame adds about another 6 inches. Not a big lamp--but stately.

I haven't decided on the frame –My thought run to a stainless steel mesh—sold in sheets in the art section of Michaels/ACMoore (one of them, or perhaps both) The thought is to cut trapezoid pieces, lap joint them and then wire them to the top of the frame.

But I have also thought of knitting a shade.. with wire—or easier—The Lion Brand Steel wire and wool yarn. The last resort will be a silvery paper shade.

Another crafty little project going on is at the pool. In the local parlance, a CABANA isn't what I think of a cabana –but is a round (48 inch) table, a few chairs and lounge. The cabana I sit at is one against the north wall. The wall is crenelated. Parts of the wall are brick; 5 foot tall and about 6 foot long. Between these section the wall is about 18 inches tall and has painted wrought iron pickets.

The wall right next to our cabana (brick) has 4 holed drilled into the mortar, with plastic toggles for screws (and rusted screws as well) Very soon these screws will be holding up a piece of scrap wood.

The wood will have a length of Velcro, and will be a mounting place for a magnetic dry erase white board. The white board will be our message board. A few dry erase markers, and some magnets will provide hours of fun! Oh the messages we can write. (Like : This is a NO COMPLAINTS ZONE--violators will be asked to leave. Or we can have a schedule: Swimming till 3PM
Scrabble till 4PM
More swimming 5PM
Snacks and good times All day

A few weeks ago we posted this sign: We put the P into Party, Not the pee into the pool. That was the entire message.

It was prompted by one of our cabana neighbors, who got drunk and announced (louder than she realized in her state) hat she was too drunk to go down the step to the bathroom and ask a friend to help her into the pool so she could pee. It was late in the day, but still disgusting. The pool peer took a vacation for almost 10 days after the sign. Almost no one but she knew the comment was directed at her--But Really! Still, the goal is to have positives messages.

A colorful pin wheel is going up on the wood too. The deck almost always has a breeze--there will be plenty of moving air to keep it whirling day and night.


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

One pool in the desert that I used to swim at along time ago had a sign that said:

"We don't swim in your toilet so please don't pee in our pool."

I always thought that was pretty humorous but appropriate.

I've seen light fixtures that hang from the ceiling and the shade is made of layers of wire mesh that look almost like fabric draped, only it's copper mesh and the color matches the decor of the restaurant. They are very cool looking. Your lamp is going to be stunning.

random Cindy said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished lamp.

I remember a sign when I was a kid that read, "Welcome to our OOL, notice there is no P in it, please help keep it that way."