Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well not much—It's been hot—here, there, everywhere.

I know, not so hot in NYC as there—since technically we haven't had a heat wave (defined-(everything is defined now days) as 3 days in a row of plus 90° (circa 32°+) days. Yesterday it was only 89—and at times cloudy. But today will be hotter, and worse the humidity is rising every day. And the very worst—It doesn't cool down much at night but remain well over 75° -(that's 25.5° c. for my metric readers).

Zippi asked yesterday if I was at the pool, and the answer is yes, yes, yes! Not till after the heat (and burning power of the sun has passed)—but unless its raining—come 4 PM (till 7PM) most days you can find me neck deep in the pool.

For “green” reasons (mostly—also a bit because NYC vies for the top spot in energy costs) I don't have any A/C and make do with cross ventilation and fans. The pool is my place to cool down and relax. The pool is surrounded by tall buildings—but almost till closing time, is sunny. The deck get much more shade and the whole place is elevated (just 20 feet or so) and gets wonderful breezes--(both yesterday and Sunday, gust of winds toppled a weighted umbrella and table).

Its a wonderful way to while away an afternoon (every afternoon!) I'll bring my camera today, and take some photos—it's not a very fancy pool—and there is nothing special about it.But it's a pleasant get away. In the meanwhile a google eye view. (Be sure to check out the wild roof on a shopping center 2 blocks west and 1 block north--it's a bit of pop art!)

View Larger Map
As to the progress—well the side of the hat is taking shape—but it's not done yet. A few more rounds of lace are needed before I can start the hat band. At this rate, I'll be finishing up hat 8 or 9 (since I think I am going to do the black and violet versions 2 at time as I did the terracotta and white ones) at the family re-union—and not before.

And then, once the hats are finished--an sort break from scheduled knitting for some Squares. A way to use up the skeins of Red Heart (that seems to appear from nowhere!) and to participate in a art project. What to join in too? Read all about it here.

This is the third (or is it the fourth?) time I have helped Robyn on a project. I love it. I think of myself as creative and artistic—but I never see my self as an artist. But I love being part of art project.

It's an interesting distinction. Artist often design beautiful projects—but craftmen (or in this case, crafts women) do most of the grunt work to bring the project to fruition-(though, in Robyn's case, she always does more than 50% of the grunt work, as well as all the conceptual work, and bulk of the installation work, too.

There is great pleasure in being part of the creative process. And a lot of flexability too. Knit, or crochet, plain or fancy, any color you want! What's not to like!?


Virginia G said...

Oh man. That's pretty brutal, with regards to the heat. If you need a getaway into AC, just give me a holler.

While we don't keep our AC on most of the time, we've been having to put it on during the day for the cats, so that they don't completely overheat on us. Poor kitties.

They're shedding like crazy too.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm so glad you have an escape from the heat. We've been having such cool weather after that blast furnace of 100 degrees + in May.

Loved playing with the larger map and zooming way way out to the Atlantic. woo hoo!

The trees project looks massive and interesting. It's very exciting to be involved in a big project. Keeps the brain alive, so it does.