Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Not Knitting

But I did get some sewing done! 2 years ago a garage sale (end of the day/end of the sale ) purchase of what I thought was fabric (lengths) turned out to be moAdd Videostly fat quarters and some bandannas.

Last summer I made a some skirts—but one never really got finished. I wore it; but I hated wearing it--it had no pockets. You might also remember I also altered some stuff--(a set of shorts (that never really fit right with a matching camp style shirt) became (and it became clear why the short never felt right, the pattern wasn't cut straight on the grain) a yoked skirt and matching camp shirt. There was also a pair of jeans that got made into a yoked bandanna skirt. And there are more denim fat quarters still. As well as some rescued/recycle light denim blue, too. There are even some lengths of fabric (some from the garage sale, and some purchased remnants)

Well the pocket less skirt now has a pocket—and a matching tube/demi halter top, and some re-cycled light demim has been made into a bag, and more of the scraps have been organized (and one new skirt cut—but not sewn, and a top cut (more bandannas used!)) but also not yet sewn.

Here is the one of the fat quarter/bandanna outfits(the newly added pocket is on the back of the skirt. ) Mind you the dress form is size 6 and I wish I was a size 16 (and not several sizes larger) but you can still get the idea.

Not too bad—since last year, I've made 5 skirts, and altered one pair of pants, and one pair of shorts—giving my wardrobe a nice boost—for very little money--and there are more skirts and tops to come--if i just get to work. Even with the added cost of zippers, and thread and other notions, my total costs are under $20!

The other not knitting in the past few days has included a small shelf, and rebuilding a lamp --which still needs a shade..but $3 replacement socket turned (or rather will turn, because I just bought the replacement socket today) a discarded, broken $100 lamp back intoone in working order!

When I moved some 10 years ago, I was almost with out a single lamp—my home had ceiling fixtures in ever room, and my kids had helped them selfs to the few table and desk lamps that existed.

My apartment has a few ceiling fixtures –bathroom, hall, kitchen and one, in the computer room . The last has been replaced with a ceiling fan/light fixture. But the living room area and both bedrooms only have switch controlled outlets for floor or table lamps. At first, I had neither.

Presently, almost ever lamp I have is re-cycled—some are beautiful—some (most!) so-so,. I also have a few accent lamps from the clearance room of Ike. One of the prettier ones (a free, recycled one) is a stained glass (cheap imitation tiffany style) that-- while very pretty—isn't really that useful (but sometime, anything is better than nothing!) and it doesn't really match my style, or my any of the colors in my apartment. Even with a 15 watt compact florescent bulb (CFB) --since the lamp is only rated for a 60 watt incandescent bulb--it's not much use—and functions more as night light than anything else.

The (very soon to be) repaired lamp is a lovely modern square stainless steel “candle stick” style (I'll get it photographed tomorrow—but I still won't have a shade for it) and just my style—a combination of classic (candle stick base) and modern (square not round, stainless steel, not black metal)

It too is rated for a 60 Watt bulb—but nice 20 watt CFB it will be a nice reading lamp/task light for the living room.

My plan it to get some of those metal mesh sheets (sold in the arts supply sections of hobby shops) and make a silvery mesh shade on the squared shade frame (the paper shade that was on the frame was also wrecked)

This fall I will be doing some re-arranging/ re organizing and refining of the basic design I started with 7 years ago-- I've let things slide, and I need to really junk the make do stuff, and put in place (I have a dozen framed botanical prints, just sitting and waiting to be hung, for example!) the detail want. Those prints all have stainless steel frames--and the stainless steel lamp will be a nice go with!

A huge part is just re-organizing extension cords/power strips. And getting the new improved selection of lamp into place. Most (over 90%) of my lighting is low voltage or low wattage (which by definition is low voltage) and I don't worry at all about filling up a the 6 outlets in a power strip with 6 different light fixtures—especial when I rarely use 2 the fixtures at time!

And even if I did light every lamp, I still wouldn't come close 5 amps on a strip rated for 15 amps--hardly a safety risk! but Oh! what a convenience to have all the cords all neat and organized. (labeled too in my some what obsessed way! )

So that's about it.. No knitting, but busy none the less. Oh-- a bit of reading; maybe a bad review tomorrow.. or maybe I'll pass.

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