Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Doldrums

Come in with heat waves.

And the result (around here) are no knitting! Not a stitch. My Italian ice socks, are pooled masses of color in my knitting bag, untouched (I carried them with me, INTENDING to knit.. but didn't)

But the thermal inversion has been pushed off shore, and 97° (circa 37°/body temp), with humidity in the upper 70's is gone for the moment—for the next few days—at least, warm but not hot days, with big fluffy clouds, and lower humidity will be the order of the day and and the night? Cooler still—down to the low 60's (mid/high teens)

Last night at 11 PM it was still 86° (30°!) which is todays expected high --there is a possibility that the high of today will be the temp last night at midnight!

I chose for a variety of reasons (some GREEN, some not) to not have an air conditioning—since in my apartment they would all be window units. Every year, there are a dozen days (and nights) when I miss A/C. The past few days have were 3 of the dozen. Sure I get a nice breeze most nights, and I have fans, but hot heavy air, no matter how much it is blown around, does not a cooling breeze make!

But the air is clearer, and cooler this morning, and tonight will be cooler still, and with a good nights sleep, I'll be back to my chipper self.

Now? Off to a late breakfast of yogurt and fruit--(should it be melon? Or strawberries? Or both?!)


gayle said...

I can take the heat (I grew up in KS, after all), but the humidity lately has been so high that I feel like I've been sledgehammered. It's hard to pick up wool when feeling all sweaty and demoralized.
Today is cooler, and the air doesn't feel like I'm trying to breathe oatmeal...
Much better.

Virginia G said...

I hope you've cooled off a little. It feels pretty nice out there tonight!