Friday, July 22, 2011

Tempus Fugit

Or Time Flies... like an arrow
and fruit flies like a wait, not a bat, a banana.

When I feel physically good (and not in pain) it's so easy to feel mental good. Time flies, and so do worries. Thing get accomplished-- Look a hat!

Yesterday was another scorcher.. (not into triple digits, not a record breaker) and today the weathermen are predicting will be worse. Yesterday, I got to the pool early (3:30) and was in the water by 3:31. I got out at 7:00—as wrinkled as a prune but feeling great.

By bed time, I was all hot and sweaty--again—the temperature didn't fall much—but there were 12 mile an hour breezes (not really cool ones, but any breeze is better than none) But a cold shower helped, too.

I am partially responsible for my bad day on Wednesday. My 'fast food dinners' -fast and easy as they are, are responsible- As a child, I hated tomatoes. And this dislike continued well into my adulthood and then suddenly they were OK. Soon after, they were good, and now, when I can least afford to eat them, I genuinely enjoy them.

I know, that my brand of arthritis is one the is nightshade family sensitive. A diet rich in tomatoes, or potatoes or eggplant is one that causes flair ups and pain. So tonight I ate a less healthy but more comfortable dinner.

For the first time in days, I cooked; a quick grilled burger, with a double dose of onion. A few slices suateed in the pan with the burger (quick caramelized –and almost cooked till burnt) and more slices raw on the bun with the lettuce (and no tomato)

To go with—store bought macaroni salad with an earth shattering high level of sodium—but at the rate I have been sweating—I could drink sea water without a worry of too much salt in my diet.

I am not salt sensitive—I know because I have a home blood pressure machine, and I know my BP doesn't rise after a salty meal. And (it's reasonably low—for my age and weight –in the AM before I rise, I am near dead with 85/58 –and standard “resting” (a 5 minute rest) averages (the machine does the math) 120/83. It fluctuates from 115/78 to a high of 130/87. I have a slow pulse too, 60 to 68. And yes, I know, I could have a thyroid problem—but it's been tested in the past—several times, (my BP was about the same, 20 years ago, when I was heavier and a smoker!) and it was low all through my pregnancies 30 years ago, too It's a family trait.

So the blue hat is finished, and the violet one cast on. No wait it's not –a check on the label and I see it's not violet (I never thought of this color as violet!) it's called Viola. A periwinkle sort of purple. OK, that works—another hat, Voila! Life is Good!


JelliDonut said...

How did you figure out that you are nightshade sensitive? I had no idea that potatoes/tomatoes could be bothersome in that way!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Yes, I was going to say that's a periwinkle color then you said it two words later. hehe "Grace" is a lovely feeling yarn. Now to just find some out here. The hat is beautiful.

Glad you had a better day. How unfair about tomatoes being a not so good food for you. Potatoes you can take or leave but tomatoes are fundamental to so many great recipes! Egg plant, meh. Except it is very good dipped and fried. Yum! I'm not a fan of Moussaka, can you tell?