Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Where Do I Start?!

Well, I guess the old news should be first—One feature of my apartment I've loved from the start is the view. I have a great view of the NYC skyline—I can see a good 10 miles of Manhattan's 13 miles. On the south end, my view starts below 14th Street, (since I can clearly see the Con Edison tower with its lantern top at 14th Street and a bit more south of that) to above 125th Street. (I can see all three spans of the Triboro Bridge) For the first few years I lived here, I had a great view of the Macy's 4th of July fireworks show in the East River (which isn't a river at all, but is a tidal straight).

The past 2 years, Macy's has moved the show to the North River (aka Hudson—but in side of NYC limits its proper name is the North River) and while I can see some of the show, a lot is obscured by the building. This year however, Mother Nature put on a sky show of her own—with a beautiful sunset.. Here are just a few images of the sky show.

Next up—bottle sock 2 (blue) done and off to its new home (sans a photo of the FO). I was thinking: next would be bottle sock 3—but other sock yarn was handy (and nagging) and so now the cuff of the Italian Ices striped socks are knit.. First up –white (lemon ice)--in another few rounds; yellow (pineapple) then orange (d'oh, orange!) followed by a pinkish red (red (vs blue) raspberry), the real red, (cherry) finishing off with a chocolate brown foot.

I've been hemming and hawing about a stitch pattern—but settle for a simple 2 stitch twisted cable—a natural extention of the 2 X 2 ribbing (with a Open/Closed-aka Estonian cast on)

This cast on is both decorative and stretchy—and is a simple variation of a basic LONG TAIL cast on (You can find a video tutorial to this cast on my web page--there link to the my web page in left column--and below) Can you see? the twists are paired--One sock has right twists, the other left twists.

Finally—Another Cast On for the collection! Yet another long tail variation—Thanks to Dizzymama (on Ravelry)--this variation is also a twisted long tail but unlike the basic Twisted (aka Norwegian or German twisted) this cast on twists what I some often call “ROW ZERO”--the stitches made with the index finger yarn of the long tail cast on.

It's called an Austrian cast on—and its very suitable for the increasingly common Austrian style twisted cables—the kind that are often made from a single knit stitch (or rather sets of single knit stitches that travel and cable) that is twisted, and worked on a reverse stocking knit back ground.

This cast on is also (because of the change in tension of the twisted stitches) is SLIGHTLY less likely to roll at the edge. (for more info on why stocking knit rolls--see TechKnitter's tutorials) You can find the video here-link below-- (or listed on the updated list of cast on's (now up to 51!) on my web page tutorial on Cast On's (part 1) .

(You can check out the incomplete (text, but almost no links yet) pages on Bind offs, too, with some info on selvages stitches, while you are there, too!)


JelliDonut said...

Those sunset photos are gorgeous. I envy your views!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Beautiful Sky Watcher Post! That is a great view. As I was reading down about your view I wondered about sunsets or sunrises, and there they were! Thanks!