Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crown—and Then Some

Not a lot of progress—3 inches in all, in the past 2 days—but some is better than none.

This is not the yarn I first planned to use for these socks. BUT—I have a student, who really wanted to knit socks—even though she is not quite ready skill wise—who has been struggling to knit a pair. And the yarn she chose was the same I had bagged up as a sock kit.

I don't want her to see my socks (in the same yarn) done up and completed (in 2 weeks) when she has just reached the half way point in 2 months.

The yarn I am using is Michael's Loop & Thread Luxury Sock yarn 60% merino/30% nylon/10% cashmere in the Balloon color way. It's a lovely soft yarn (I wonder how well it will wear—cashmere is not a durable yarn) and while I love every single color in the color way.. I am not so happy with the way it stripes. The second image is a better (well on my computer) representation of the colors.

Still—these are generic stripes stock—basic ones. And while is still haven't gotten my planned (back in January!) skirts sewn up, these will match with the brick cloth--and with some plum colored tops, and even with a print dress I have. So they will be very functional (even if not my fondest).

Yesterday, I got the chevron edge completed, and since then, a bit of the leg. And all my work documented. These socks like the original pair of Crowning Achievement, will have some lace and nubb clocks knit in at the ankle. I am hemming and hawing about the heel.. An afterthought one? (to keep the striping perfect? Or a Flap/Turned/Gusseted one (easier) I think the later, only because these socks are so ho-hum

What was not ho-hum was moon set last night. I woke –mid night (well 3:30!) and caught sight of the moon—It was a juicy golden mango in the sky. I had seen it early in day—a ghost moon in a clear blue sky—but it wasn't half as thrilling as slightly mis-shaped oval it was against the black sky.

It wasn't a harvest moon gold, or blood red moon, but a golden orange –so much like a mango (sitting on a roof top “table”). It sank out of sight by 3:40 --a few minutes before official moon set, I am sure--building make the horizon a bit higher in the city. But what a joy it was to watch for those fleeting moments.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

That colorway is bright, but the small diagonal and "speckled" stripes are very interesting. If that yarn comes from MIchaels craft store, I better go have another look at their yarns.

Your moon story is beautiful. It's cloudy here at night and that is extremely weird for August. I hope that September brings some rain, like it did last year. Happy Knitting, and sewing.