Thursday, August 25, 2011


I ran out of yarn—Well, what I mean is, I've used up the entire skein of Red Heart that I was using.
I have another (partial) skein. I know where it is.. Well that is, I know I have a partial skein, and I know it's in a bag with some grey and black Red Heart yarn. I just can't remember where I stuffed that bag. (I found the bag with the Christmas colors—red, green, white (and a mixed red/green/white mixed skein) and I found the rust red skein too.. Of course, I'll find the purple the very last place I look!

And I've been looking. I found about 3 WIP along the way, and a ton of yarn that I have plans for.. the lovely singles in a long color way--Gold, and corals, and rusts and brown—and a matching skein of cinnamon singles (fingerless gloves)

And I found the Silky Wool—12 skeins in 7 colors—a fair isle type vest to be. Not to forget, I also found the Silky Wool leaves (and even knit the last 5 I need)—so now I have a set of 3 small, 5 medium, and 8 large ones for a hat project I have planned.

I also found the “other” bag of left of sock yarn—and now have a choice of 10 solid colors for the Crazy 8 socks I want to knit this fall.

I have enough other left over partial balls—that I could knit a dozen bottle socks and not make a dent—but maybe I'll do an insanity blanket—and knit the left over sock yarn into mitered squares. I'll even have some solid yarns left after the Crazy 8 socks—More for the blanket!

Likely, there is even enough of some of the solids to make a pair of swirl socks (another idea on my ever growing list of ideas for socks.) I've done swirl socks in the past—but gave them away in a swap. I want a pair for myself. (and I have the yarn!)

Oh what a dangerous undertaking it is sifting though my stash!

Over on Ravelry—Owlkatt reminded me that I still need to finish documenting the Leaf Me Alone hat, and my DD's best friend is having a baby this winter—so I need to find some nice washable yarn and get something knit for her.

And then there is the Maker's Faire coming up—And my Son and his family are coming because my DIL (Sonya) will have a booth...I want to machine embroider a T-shirt or 2—for me (and maybe some for her too—cause well it will be fun to have a maker's T-Shirts)

Mine will be:
In all caps, because that's all my sewing machine will do. I've already programed the words into my machine—all I need to do is put the metal (my lead foot) to the pedal—and sew. (I've tested and double checked the programming on a scrap of cloth—every thing is OK!)

Sonya is more of a fiber artist—and I don't know if she wants a special T-Shirt—and what she would want it to say. But its not hard to program my machine --I needed to check the manual to get started—but I think I have gotten it down now—and should be able to do it again with new words with no effort.

Enough—I've got to get back to looking for the half skein of Medium Purple Red Heart and knitting!

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Virginia G said...

OOh, I'll actually be able to GET to the maker's faire in a reasonable amount of time this year! EXCITING!

And yeah, digging through the stash is somewhat... distracting. :)