Saturday, August 20, 2011

Forever—and not done yet!

That's what if feels like—that I have been crocheting forever—and I still only have 16 inches of a 20 inch square complete. Just 4 more rounds (but each round is bigger!) and it will be done.

Square 2 (and there will be a square 2!) will be done inside out.. I will cast on a million (or actually 161) and make a slightly patterned (a set of slip stitches on garter) mitered square—and every row will be shorter than the next—not longer!

It will be the same medium purple RED HEART –I had a full skein of the stuff—An 8 oz. super saver skein. I have some partial skeins, too, or other colors of Red Hear I might end up with striped square too (white and a color, or grey and color) or maybe a tweed –A tri color linen square would look great—but knitting a 20 X 20 square is like knitting (or crocheting) the back of s sweater—its a big square!

My pair of secret socks are done--(OK a hint—an obvious one at that-they are mini socks, not full sized ones)

And I did 2 more rounds on my last (and lingering) G Class Star hat (the periwinkle blue violet one)--I have a lot to do in the next ten days--but I think will get it all done!

Some good--I mean GREAT news--My son and DIL, and grandchildren are coming east this year—Sonya (aka KnitSonya on Ravelry) is going to be one of the maker's at the NYC Maker's Faire –September 17 & 18 at the Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Park.

Next year? ME, too. I thought about it this year, but I wasn't really ready in time—I'll be there this year—First as a knitting teacher once again for the TNNA booth—and I am sure I will help out at Sonya's display, too.

I'll keep you posted on details as I get them.

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Robyn said...

Yes, those last two rounds are killer!! I love the pattern that Zabeth, aka pointderiz on rav, posted. However, I have to work more quickly than that will allow, but maybe that will be quicker for you than crochet.

Your square looks lovely, btw...

I am really bummed to miss Sonya!!