Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Not much, but its a start. 2 rounds done on the periwinkle blue version of the G Class Star Hat –about 1/3 of the side wall of the hat now done. At this rate, I'll be hard pressed to have it finished by summers un-official end (Labor Day).

And a pair of socks cast on—another version of Crowning Achievement—in warm shades of reds and golden orange tones. I'd show you--but not today. But all there is to see today is the cast on—not very impressive!

But I am getting back into the grove and at least knitting—even if it is just a row or two. And not just knitting. I am documenting the details of the Crowning Achievement socks. They are just a step up from generic—the fancy cast on and cuff add a bit of oomph—but a baker dozen of rows and the sock is generic. Unless you want more—and then a set of clocks at the ankle add a bit more interest.

I'll provide directions for heel, foot and toe, but the details here are optional. I tend to like a flap/turned/gusseted heel—but not on self striping yarns (and I am using a self striping yarn)--I think I will go with a row of waste yarn, and work an after thought heel.

But I am getting ahead of my self! It's still early in the month—I expect I will have the socks finished before the end—and the hat, and a block or two for Robyn.. (but maybe I am expecting too much!)

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