Friday, August 05, 2011

Mid Summer Burn Out

Still not knitting. I shouldn't be surprised—it happens every summer.

Instead of knitting, I have been reading.

2 new books (well new to me) and 2 books I've read before.

First the New (and bad) The Help.

On a superficial level-- a quick summer read. But give it a minute of thought, and it fails. It fails to be truthful, it fails realistic. It fails in every way a book can fail. . Its portrayal of the HELP is racist, and one dimensional.
Hilly the nemesis claims all blacks are dirty disease spreading thieves and low life. Skeeter, the heroine, then provides examples. The stories are so biased, and portray the help as helpless.
What a waste of time and effort to read.

Next the new (well new to me!) and good
The House on the Lagoon., by Rosario Ferre

A book set in Puerto Rico—and what a story! Multi-generational, historical (It reminded me of some of the little history I knew about the conflict between the differentness political parties of the island.) Vividly written, complex (thank goodness for the family tree in the front of the book its invaluable to help keep track of the players.) It is a wonderful book.

The focus of the book is the upper and upper middle class (a very small portion of the population) of Puerto Rico--not the more common (to my experience) low income peasants who make up the bulk of Puerto Rican immigratants--especially the immigrants to NYC. For most of my childhood, my own immigrant parents were just a step above as hard working blue collar class—I would have had little chance to meet ANY very rich folks anyway! The story of this other Puetro Rico gives wonderful insight to the land and culture.

This book was a gift from Linda Harrington, (owner) of the Bohemian Book Store—and it's a real gem.

Then Old—first The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel

Tthis was a wonderful book, and well worth the re-read. It's better than I remembered it. I suspect, when I reread it again a few years from now, its will be just as good, and it will provide new insights again.

The Old-On the still “to be read again list”
My Stoke of Insight., Jill Bolte Taylor

I just listened to the TED talk again, and look forward to reading the book again. Don't forget to check out Jill's web site too

And while I am over committed to several knitting projects (Robyn Love's Avenue of the Tree project, and the proposed yarn bombing at Citifield Stitch 'n Pitch, last week at Panera's (the new Rego Park Center one) I met Doreen, and I want to join her project—the Americana Stars Memorial.

I better get over these mid summer blues and get back to work and do something!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Thanks for sharing your reading list. Two of the books you are reading (or that are on your "to read" list sound great, and thanks! I've read the Life of Pi and now think I'll reread it, as you are.

You are certainly doing a lot of project knitting. Good for you!

Soon August heat will be gone, and in it's place, the beauty of Fall. Enjoy your reading, and you do so much knitting and designing that a break is a good thing. :o)