Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Too Bad

Here's square 3—a knit up in a single day. And definitely, there will be a square 4. Not a solid, but a narrow (2 row? 3 row? ) stripe of the rusty red and a brighter red. I don't have enough of either color for a full square, but narrow stripes--especially if they the don't have straight lines, (and they won't) blur into a single color in just a few feet's distance.

This one is done in seed stitch (red) and ribbing (rust). And it's the first (knit) one that is 20 X 20 (not 20 X 21 or 20 X 22 (as the miter corner one was before it got frogged)

I have errands and chore to do today that will cut into my knitting time, so I doubt I will finish square 4 by tomorrow—but I should make good progress.

And that's it. Nothing else to say!

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