Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Putzing Around

Doing lots of little things, doing nothing.

Nothing to show you on Square 4—cause nothing got done (I will be casting on as soon as I finish this post) Did some swatching, wrote down another half dozen ideas for socks—I have more than a years worth--(and 5 years worth of yarn!) other vaguely knitting stuff (turned some skeins into balls.)

Got a little sewing done—a single medium sized tote bag. I use a lot of tote bags (Well a lot of the cotton canvas ones) It's been years since I've had groceries packed in “paper or plastic” I feel like I can't have too many—every once in a while I clean out the car, (where they are stored) and wash them all--Though sometimes an odd bag or two, sitting around waiting to be returned to the car gets tossed into a load of wash.

Keeping all but one or two of my shopping totes in the car means I have them handy when I need them. I can't tell you how many times in the past, I'd forget to take them when I stored them by the door.
Now they are stored (neatly folded) in a Master bag, in the trunk—and ready when ever I need them.

I actually got laundry done. Instead of just talking about doing a load of wash (as I have twice in the past month) I actually did 4—2 loads just of sheets and towels—and I still have a hamper full, and about 3 more loads to do.1 Full load of denim's (skirts, not jeans) and another load of linens—sheets and kitchen towels and a third of T-Shirts and tops. That's what comes of not doing laundry for 4 weeks!

A dull life, isn't it? But in light of all the local and not so local disasters caused by Irene—a dull life is a good thing.

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