Friday, August 26, 2011

The Red Heart Yarn

Is still hiding—I am of half a mind to start knitting a different –(less yarn hogging than garter) square from the tail—frogging one square as I knit the other. I am quite sure that the errant skein will show up September 1st—moments after Robyn has stepped on to the plain taking her to Korea!

But I did do something.. Look 3 Sock Club Kit bags.

First—pumpkin pie—the toasty brown 'crust yarn' has been divide into 2 mini skeins—Undived, it wasn't quite a full 50gms—but I am sure its enough to make a crimped edge cuff, and to turn a heel and make a bottom (sole) crust too. Pumpkin Pie socks are next up in the line up.

Then, some lacy lavender socks. This is a home dyed yarn a semi-solid of blue violet, violet, and red violet—not really lavender at all! I haven't decided on the lace pattern yet—but something small, delicate and simple.

Finally—a big (1 gallon zip lock bag!)--a rainbow (and then some!) of colors. I haven't even tucked in the black skeins that will be the background to this array, and the bag is full. But –truth be told—Crazy 8's will use 8 colors—but not very much of any one color. I'll have lots of this yarn left when I am done. (and some black as well!)

But not to worry—I have plans for the left over black.

I'd tell you more—but the jackhammering that is going on is unbearable—Some residents (like my upstairs neighbor) illegally put down ceramic tiles on their terrace (instead of the default painted grey concrete.)

Any installed flooring is being removed as part of the over all improvement project . The terraces are in pairs or 3 some's, and are a pitched to a single drain (my side of the pair has the drain) Tiles and other flooring interfere with the draining—and standing water (and in the winter, sheet of ice) are not good for the concrete-(and really not neighborly at all!)

The owner's with illegal flooring are being fined; and in effect paying to have the floors broken up and removed—but we all have to suffer with the noise! The steel structure transmits the noise like a bad tunning fork. I KNOW the work is being done on the terrace above me—but in ever room it sounds like they are right above me—in the living room, in the dining room, in the computer annex (a not quite a room area) in the kitchen, in the bath, in the bedroom! Everywhere! There is no escaping.. Oh wait, I could head down stairs and do laundry—There's a plan.

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Well that post was three days ago but I can imagine what a horrid headache you must have gotten from that thoughtless action of a neighbor. I hope the fine is hefty!

I was just thinking of making some sock "kits", and you have now inspired me to do so. Thank you! Hope you found your yarns.