Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Repeat—Complete!

Gussets completed, too. One more repeat to go, then (and maybe even a little before) it will be time to shape the toe. And the toe(s) are nothing at all! With decreases ever other round, and each round smaller than the previous one they zip along!

I got most of it done last night--at LIC Knit night.

While it was still over-cast yesterday morning—it was cool all day, so I skipped the pool and went off to Tuesday Night Knitting at Maducatis Rustica--(our home base for knit night).

I shouldn't be telling you about Manducatis now. —they are about to close for a two week vacation—but Gianna is so good—the food and pastries and gelato are so good-- If you live in the NYC area, you really should plan a night out there one day soon.

Last night her boys (how big they have grown this summer) were being picky—and picking at, and not eating well. (it was their fourth meal of the day! And they were also sitting next to us.
As they got up and said "I'm Full!" we looked at their platters.. and Gianna invited us to pick at their left overs.

We got to pick at the plate of cauliflower—roast with a bit (actually quite a bit) of sliced garlic. You'd think we were all homeless and starving they way we all grabbed a flowerette or two (count me in, for two, and for all the extra garlic slices!) I tend to like almost all members of the cabbage family --but cauliflower is one of the few members that I really like cooked. Broccoli I will eat lightly steamed, and cabbage is best raw--though every once in a while there is a special dish that I like cooked. I like Kohlrabi best raw, too. (Brussel sprouts? Yuck!)

Generally speaking, it's out of my budget to order dinner there every week (not that its an expensive place—it's just dinner out anywhere is out of my budget!) I wish I could. I have sampled some dished, shared some, (pizza) and I have swapped a hand knit hat for meal—so I know just what is is that I am missing!

Click on the link “Mamma Gianna's Table” on the web page(link above) , and you can see Gianna wearing of the hats Kimberly (aka KLS104 on Ravelry) knit for her! The colors look different (Kim's photo is a phone camera shot, indoors, late at night—the other a professional well lit one!) but its one and the same.

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JelliDonut said...

Sounds like the perfect knit night!