Friday, August 12, 2011

Starting Repeat 3

Of the stripe pattern and at the same time, starting a motif that echo's the chevrons of the 'crown'.

Small bobbles, (an echo of the knotted picots of the Channel Island cast on) to be followed with lace chevrons--and a lace diamond, for the clocks. I tried nupps first--but they were too subtle (for a sock).

If I keep to the reasonable goal of getting a stripe pattern (from dark brick red, to dark brick red) every day, the socks will be quickly done!

Good thing because I still need to work on squares for Robyn's Avenue project, and I am still thinking about participating in the yarn bombing of CitiField, and I want to have something special to wear for the Maker's Faire—September 17th & 18th –once again at the Hall of Science in Flushing Meadow Park.

This will be the second Maker's Faire in NYC—and I hope it will be bigger and better than last years—and I hope it will be a nicer day—Last year was just a bit too hot! (it hit 90°!)

I toyed with getting a booth this year—but I really wasn't ready—but Look out next year—there will be a booth—with bells on! With demo's, and videos, and samples and lots of stuff!

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