Thursday, September 01, 2011

Another One, Half Done

A little less than half done when I took the photo (8.25 inches) but since then, a few more rows were added, and now it's a bit more more than half done (11 inches).

The stripes are a more evident when the knitting is in hand, but the hues of the two reds are close in value and from a 10 feet away (or half that distance with my eye glasses off) they do look as soft and subtle as they do in the photo-- Partially because the colors are close, partial because the stripe have blurred lines.

It's a simple pattern—
R1: Change color--*K1, P1 (repeat)
R2: Knit
R3: Purl
R4: Knit

Just enough of a pattern to be interesting. Not quite enough to keep the fabric flat—but close. I did some similar stripe blocks last year for the Maker's Faire Project. Which reminds me (as did Sonya) on her face book post-less than 3 weeks till Maker's Faire!

I didn't much knitting done yesterday –I went to the pool and afterwards, Panera's for a few minutes. August has been cool, and Irene busted a weekend and then some. This the last week of the pool. Some of the petty problems became slightly bigger ones. There are some parents who let their children run wild and unsupervised.

Yesterday a water gun fight, involving a bunch of the wild ones, escalated to a fight that involved throwing buckets of water. The buckets, (all really pool equipment) ranged from a small child's toy, to 3 and 5 gallon containers (previously filled with pool chemicals)--the kids from age 6 to 11 were running (a violation) and throwing as much water as they could. The mock war was on the pool deck and below in a large open room (the men's and lady's rooms are off this room) The lifeguards got involved trying to put an end to it. The parents of the various kids were indifferent. Water went everywhere. On the deck, on the stair case, on the floor of the common room (out side of the lady's and men's rooms down stairs.)

Then disaster. A young girl (a teen—14? 15?) slipped on the unexpected wet and slipping stairs (a bucket of water that missed it intended target resulted in steps in the middle of the stair case being puddled with water. The top steps were dry, and so were the bottom ones.. Only few steps in the middle of stair case were wet. --Just the point when the stairs descend into the murky darkness --not really dark at all but shadowed--and no longer in full daylight (which at 7PM was fast fading)

I suppose the good new was—she slipped onto her backside (and didn't tumble head first). She righted her self and insisted she was OK. No one saw her fall, but I heard it (I was downstairs and out of sight of the stair case, others were upstairs, approaching the staircase.)

I think that the young woman is basically OK—a bit bruised--But not broken. But her grandmother/guardian was very upset.. partly because no one at the pool knew anything about it. There was no one downstairs (in charge) and no one on the deck realized what had happened.

One of the set of kids involved—boys aged 5 and 6 totally denied any involvement(but I had seen one of the kids definitely running away from a lifeguards (who was ordering him to stop running) bucket in hand (near the staircase) and the other kid downstairs laying in wait to “attack” (superslooper type water gun in hand (and the floors were dry). When I came out from the lady's room, the kids were gone from downstairs, and the floor was wet. These kids are generally nice kids-considering that they run wild, and are virtually un-supervised by there mother. The kids are constantly breaking the rules—they run, they sit on and 'tightrope walk' the pool ropes, they help themselves to any toy at the pool (more than once taking my noodle to “play with” with out permission). Mother sits on the deck, talking on her cell phone, or gossiping. In 3 years, I have never once heard her reprimand her kids for breaking the rules.

Again she is nice enough—but it's a pattern. Yesterday the pattern ended up with a problem.

It began to get dramatic—but I left (as did the mother of the two boys—only the grandmother/guardian of the teen remained, venting anger at the situation to the pool management (she wanted an incident report).

At Panera's, were saw Doreen Lynn Saunders—I've posted about her before (but I realize after, I had her web page URL wrong) her web page is The Americana Stars Memorial. Doreen is doing a huge project to honor all those who died in the world trade disaster on September 11, 2001.

I am glad to have seen her again—and I love her project. There are so many projects, so many things demanding our time, our attention, our MONEY, but here project is one I think deserves more of of all three!

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JelliDonut said...

I'm glad no one was badly hurt but it's too bad things got so out of control. Ruins it for everybody!