Thursday, September 08, 2011

Deep Dish Delight!

Almost 4 inches of “custard” now. The custard part of these socks in Knit Pick's Essentials. It's the first time I am knitting with this yarn, and it's very nice. It LOOKS like a heavy weight sock yarn in the skein, but it's so soft and plushy. Work it in a tight gauge, and in condenses nicely, and still retains all of its softness (though less plush!)

I like how the socks look, with the crimped crust top—but thinking about it, the 'crimped crust' is totally disconnected from the (still to come) crust on the heel and sole.

What if.... I started with a mostly white (the whitest white I can find) and then hand painted just small amounts of beige in the white? Then I could have a top cuff of “browned” meringue! Followed by a lemony yellow, and the same toasty beige sole, I could have a lemon meringue pie sock!

Or plain white on top, and lime green, it would be a key lime pie with a whipped cream topping, or white and 2 shades of brown, and I could be knitting up a Mississippi mud pie, Add some texture –via a stitch pattern, and use a semi solid medium brown—Pecan Pie! An impractical white sock—made with a with a beige sole? Why coconut custard!

I could knit up a collection of pies. And since I have plans for a cookie sock (no more details yet!) I could do a whole bakery collections.. Hamantashen pastries as a fancy cuff, or maybe curled up ruggalahs or bear claws—so many choices!

Why not? If I can knit Italian ice socks, why not a half dozen pairs of socks inspired by bakery shelves?

And why stop at custard pies? With stitch patterns, and I-cord lattice—I could make make a bunch of open topped fruit pies. --Dark blue blueberry pies, and purple-y blue blackberry ones, or deep red cherry pies, or a golden orange peach pie. (Is there anything better than peach pie?!)

I could make a new pair of pie socks every year for the next 10—and still have ideas left over! A pie shop collection!

Another inch of pumpkin "custard", and I'll be starting the heel and sole of the toasty brown crust—and who knows, maybe I will break the plan, and add a few more pies to my sock collection before continuing! Yummy—and calorie free too!


Judy said...

if you make it a peach glaze pie I would be interested.

JelliDonut said...

To answer your question--NO. There is nothing better than peach pie!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You've made me hungry for pie!