Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Been Days and Days

And now, 1 more day--since I wrote this blog post yesterday and never uploaded it...

You'd think there would be a pile (or at least 1!) FO to show for it.

But no.. Not much knitting, and no photos –well maybe 1 short silly video.

So just what have I been doing? When to breakfast and to the park –with my grandchildren and son, Did laundry (the whole nine yards! Washed, dried, folded and put away all 4 loads!)

Went shopping—odd and end, and grocery shopping too.

Went to the Maker's Fair, and taught knitting and bit of needle point too. Totally forgot to take any photos! --But my DIL Sonya, received a Blue Ribbon (editors choice!) for her display.

Went to Dinner—Son, and family, Daughter and her financĂ©, Matt—Just getting to the restaurant all at the same time was a slight marvel of engineering. And even though it was late, the kids were reasonably well behaved, and the food was great (Korean)

Got up early, stayed up late, (napped, to when it all caught up with me!)

I planned some knitting... Of course I first have to finish the pumpkin pie socks--(they are going to go to my granddaughter). Then a fair isle hat—One is started, and frogged, and started and frogged, and started again--(and never got to color work, just a bit of ribbing) and a pair of fingerless gloves to go with the hat—not fair isle, but a multi color (short lengths of color)yarn that matches well. The hat will also match my Lady February Sweater and the Peachy Sweater--I know it doesn't seem possible--but wait, you'll see!

It will be simple fair isle—a bunch of perie type patterns, --with a plain (decrease round) or two between each perie pattern.

Well there are a bunch of promises.. I hope I keep them!
First the Video--this is the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir--well no video--1 hour + and it still hadn't loaded.. see it here

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