Friday, September 23, 2011

I've Been Knitting.

OK, so the hat's not done--though if I paid more attention, and didn't make stupid mistakes (and frog2 or 3 rounds, 2 or 3 times!) it might have been.

First—the cast on and ribbing? They were done—months ago. So my progress overnight can be measured by the color work (and it is pretty colorful, isn't it!?)

The wools are all Patons Classic Wool—the dark purple is old enough to be merino—in Purple, Wisteria, Lemongrass, Current (the dark salmon) and Ginger (the light salmon—though it is sort of the color of picked ginger, I will admit.)

The center of the crown will be more of the Current(dark peach) and with some of the Ginger. bring the the Current back to the top of the hat.

The Current and Ginger are left overs from Peachy--(I have some other partial skeins of these colors-plenty to finish the hat and long sleeved fingerless gloves.)

The dark purple is left over from Lady February. The Lemongrass and Wisteria—just odd skeins I've picked up at sales. The Lemon grass was very cheap because it was missing a label. It's a pretty intense color—a little goes a long way!

The stitch patterns—just ones that grabbed my fancy—and fit the stitch count—which is, (lazy!) always based on 10 (well not quite true—the cast on was 96—but it quickly became 100), then 110, and eventually up to 130, before I started the decreases—which like the increases, are based on units of 10 –a few rounds of no decreases--(pattern work) followed by a round of doubles (20 decreases in a single round.) 10 is a number I know that works for me--it creates a flat disk--almost perfectly. And that's how I like my berets!

I added the very non traditional picot to the fold line-- I like the sawtooth picot edge.

Finally there is this multi color skein (another odd ball!)--which goes well with the purples and peaches-I haven't decided if I am going to use all 5 colors, or just 2 +1--(one each of the purple and peach—and the multi) And after all is said and done—the last bits of the solid colors will be made into a huge pompom for the hat. Its a big hat (over 10 inches across) and I don't have too many hats with pompoms—so it will be good.

So that is—a bit of knitting done—and off to do more!

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