Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've Been Negligent

and remiss.

I haven't told you about the blog contest I won!
First off—I pass on many—I really feel lucky to have had a good stash to start, and to have inherited parts of two others—and I know there are many who might be earning more than me—but are just starting out—and doing so loaded with educational debt—and need to win more than I do.

But this was a great contest—with 3 first prizes. I know, because I won the third prize and WOW.

The contest was run by Susan—aka Jellidonut—on her Jellidonut blog. Susan and I have been cyber friends since she test knit my Rib Off hat pattern (almost 2 years ago!)

First the woolFiber—because a blend of 60% suri alpaca and 40% wool, is most alpaca --and more correctly called fiber. Look at this skein—over 600 yards of yumminess. The color name is red clove and it's spot on. I had a lace scarf in my mental queue, now I have to add a real shawl!

And as wonderful as the fiber is—there is this—Arctic Lace by Donna Druchunas.
This book has 2 main parts, the lace patterns, most simple scarves and tubular hoods, (even the moibus is done scarf style, twist and seam) but there are some lovely new lace patterns—and really, after 50 years of knitting, finding new lace patterns is a joy.

But it's the first half of the book that hold the most interest. What I know about our 49th state could writing on one side of a post card. Kodiak Bears –(they have been residents at the Bronx Zoo since I was a child) & Tlinget Boats –(Every one in NYC know about the Tlingets—meeting at the 79th street entrance of the Museum of Natural History --“we can meet at the boat” is about as NY as it gets) –make up 90% of what I know. (Oh, Yeah, it's BIG!)

Behind the boat, is the hall of Pacific Northwest People—which cover from Oregon to Alaskan Pan handle—and not much more. The Museum of the American Indian --1 of 2 parts of the Smithsonian museum found in NYC--(In the customs house, on lower Broadway) has some more info on our norther most state—but not much.

This book has information about arctic Alaska—about individuals, towns, groups. It explains how the designs came to chosen, and other details. I don't care that the focus is on fiber arts (some of the lace designs mimic designs sewn into fur parkas, others mimic designs found on bowls woven from grass) –I am perfectly OK with having parochial knowledge of Alaska to start!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Congratulations! And it's great that you won this despite not owing huge debts etc etc. Kismet I say!