Saturday, September 24, 2011

Look At That! A Hat

Subtly is lost on me. I like my colors and patterns bright and clear,with lots of contrast. But you knew that already, right?

Not a very traditional Fair Isle Tam—and while it looks way to big on the scant 19 inch HEAD, it look much better on me with my bowling ball sized 22 inch head

And look, fingerless gloves started (and all too soon to be finished). I had some sort of brain fart—and imagined I could make long sleeved fingerless gloves from the skein of tweedy/multi-color yarn.

But how could I? It was a single 50gm skein—a scant 100 yards; divided, 50 years per glove. Nothing to knit with!

Oh, I know, I could have added stripes of the colors I used in the cuff (and will use again at the knuckle end of the glove) and made them longer, but I really didn't want stripes. I could have made them snugger and gotten another round or two in length... But really nothing I could do would make long sleeve fingerless gloves out of 50 yards/25 gm of yarn.

It's OK—there are plenty of other yarns in the world (and a good percentage of them live in my stash!) and fingerless gloves are fast to knit. So these are another short length pair—they are pretty aren't they?

Can you see the head of a safety pin like stitch marker (in the space between them)--That a large stitch marker acting as a stitch holder for the thumb gusset stitches. Today I'll finish the matching garter border, and weave in the second set of ends –(Yes the first half are already woven in!) and these will be finished. I still have a pompom to make for the hat.

But there is no rush—it's been dreary and grey and rainy round these parts—but its also been 80°(f) (somewhere in the 20's° c) The rain is moving on (a good thing—there has been way too much of it! If I had my way, some would have been shifted to Texas and points south).

Next up is going to be a quick little baby sweater—for Jennifer and Guy—My DD's best friend and her husband who are expecting their first in January. Something simple—and made from machine washable wool, and unisex—she is expecting a boy—but who knows, there might be a second child in the future. There will baby hats knit too, in the next few months—January is mid winter, lots of warm hats are a must—besides baby's hats are so fun to knit.. little elf hats, or sweet baby hats, or fruity hats, or vegetable hats... Baby's have no choice—all you have to do is make something adorable, and mom will pop it on baby's head!

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