Friday, September 30, 2011

Now, with A Leafy Hem

Next, the sleeves, ending in a leafy mitt, then leafy center panel—in the dark green. Ending with a hat with a leafy border.

Next month—another hat—Sweet Baby—in some pretty colorful self striping sock yarn (I am sure I have some odd (single skeins)) It will be just a matter of choosing one.

The border worked out perfectly (I didn't actually count or plan!) and meets mid back at the first/last row of the pattern. The 6 stitches (now on stitch marker/holders) will be grafted and create a seamless finish. The Center panel will be knit from the top down with a slightly shaped (scooped out) top edge, and will end in leaf tips.

Baby sweaters are such fun to knit—so fast! And so simple. I didn't bother with short row in the sweater back –baby's sweaters really don't need them. The front panel will be an easy one—I plan to use snaps, not buttons to close it.

Tomorrow begins October—and I hope by Sunday—the 2nd, to be starting Crazy Eights socks. I need to review my UFO's (so many!) and decide if they are going to become FO's—or Frogged. I need to plan what I will be knitting (besides baby hats). I have lists--gloves (real) gloves (fingerless) scarves (lacy), shawls, sweaters, vests, shrugs...

I want to knit a huge shawl—I have lovely hank of lace (almost cobweb weight) merino in white—over a mile of yarn—and I have a newly engaged to be married daughter—and almost a year to complete the project... BUT (and its a real big BUT) I don't think she wants a shawl. Even though she is planning a fall wedding and might really need one. I WANT to knit one. But I don't need a white one. I could, I suppose, knit it and dye it when its done. Merino Wool takes dye readily.

There are a few details my daughter has decided upon—RED is one. Maybe a pair of long lacy gloves instead of shawl—I could make red ones (I have a lot of very fine red cashmere) or white ones.. Problem is: Red is such a broad name for so many different colors/shades—I think she wants a true red (neither tomato (orange) or cherry(blue)) one. But....

It's a bit selfish—It's about me and what I want, not about what my daughter wants—and she's grown up enough to know exactly what she wants—and doesn't need me trying to impose my will. I suppose I could always make a shawl for me. As mother of the bride, I could could pull off a simple dress and an elegant shawl.

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Judy said...

There you go! Simple dress, elegant shawl! I think I would ask Daughter anyway if she would like a shawl, sometimes our children surprise us. Either way a beautiful shawl would be nice.