Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pie, Any One?

A love 'slice” of pumpkin pie (or rather 2 slices!) are being served up!

They barely fit LEGS--(you can't see the crust at all at the tip of the toe) –but the idea works—The side view shows clearly how the gusset looks like the slope of the pie plate—and the smooth stocking knit looks like a creamy custard. The side seam has just a thin exposed edge of crust--just perfect!

I think I will end up making some more pies--maybe a lemon meringue, or a key lime, or a mississippi mud pie--or some other flavor. I like the idea of these socks--even if this pair doesn't fit!

I didn't do any work on the beret—except to double check the stitch count and look through Alice Starmore's book on Fair Isle to find some perie stitch patterns--this was done with a pencil in hand—counting the stitch repeats. She sorts pattern by the number of rows each pattern uses-- I care about repeat count—since I am not interested in frogging the 3 inches of brim I've knit twice for 3rd time! I need a stitch pattern that fits my stitch count!

I'll take a photo of my color scheme, and the under brim tomorrow—Who knows, I might even have a few round of the top done, too, by then. And I'll take a photo of the co-ordinating yarns for the finger gloves—which will be LONG—knuckles to elbow—long enough to make a snug 'sleeve' to wear with Peachy or Lady February. Both of which are warm enough to worn on cool fall evenings—but since they will likely be worn with short sleeve T-shirts or camp shirts—I do sort of, sometimes need something for my lower arms as well.

I have 8 days to finish the hat and fingerless gloves—then come October—Crazy time! Crazy 8's to start—Black yarn as the base—before I bought my Ott bulb for a lamp, I wasn't sure what color yarn I was going to use as my base—I've knit with Kroy black, (Coal/Carbon) and it's a very black black (like the Monty Python skit about black pudding, it a very dark even black—even the white bits are black) Black is a hard color to knit with—the stitches disappear! It's the perfect base for a colorful sock—offering a great background that will make all the other colors POP. And I do have a fair bit of black in wardrobe—and with 8 other colors—these socks will go with anything! With good light, black won't to to difficult to work with—I hope.

What else will I knit in October?—So many ideas, so much yarn, so difficult to chose!

My kitchen is returning to a semblance of order—all the things I took out during the summer—and failed to put away when I was done with them—have been returned to their proper homes. Now, low and behold—counter space is once again available! I don't have much to begin with—my kitchen is, like many in NYC—postage stamp sized--how small? I can fill a pasta pot with water when it's sitting on the stove—the stove is close enough to the sink, the spray arm can reach it. And I can't open the dishwasher and refrigerator at the same time (the doors share a space) –plus the dishwasher is not a standard 24 inch one—but just an 18inch one—plenty big enough for a family of one—but smaller than the average dishwasher.

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