Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I live in the north east of North America—so I have (and tend to think of the year) in 4 seasons—Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Fall is always the beginning of the year. It started being so when I was a child—Fall was the start of school-- New grade, a new teacher, a new start. I married young, right out of school, and I married a teacher—the school schedule continued to dominate my life for the next 20 years. And now, 20 more years latter, it still does.

I love all the seasons, the changes, the special things I associate with each season, but as the growing season comes to end, it's time for a new year to start.

Certainly, fall is knitting season—and this fall is full! There is Stitch 'n Pitch (I think I am going) on September 13th—this year the knitters are yarn bombing Citifield (I have to stop and think—what I want to type is 'Shea') –followed by (the same week really) Maker's Fair (less than a half mile away!) in Flushing Meadow Park, on September 17th and 18, October starts with Rhinebeck, (I want to go, but I don't think so), immediately followed by Stitches East (in CT) -I am not going-- and there are two breast cancer walks (I am doing one) in there too.

More about the breast cancer walk later this week.

November? Its time to get serious about holiday gifts.. and December is crunch time. But truth be told, I don't do a lot of holiday knitting.

Then there is ME knitting time. The dark days of winter are the perfect time to hunker down with wool and knit.

I've already make plans and some lists--(I always make plans and lists—I frequently ignore them, I do make them!) I have a list of 14 sock ideas (2 are roll overs from last years plans—both generic socks involving self striping yarns) –and more new ideas have sprung up since I started the list.

There I sort of things I want to Knit, starting with a nice, warm winter sweater jacket. I like sweater jackets.. (I don't know if I I like knitting them, but...)I want it to be Big—with long sleeves--and turned back cuffs, and pockets, and a deep collar. Some cables, too, (but not too many), loose enough to be an outerwear jacket, and densely knit too.

I know I will make good use of my disappointing (but warm) Noro vest from last year, and my Lion Brand Amazing shrug (finished at point when it really wasn't needed anymore, last year.) I want some more vests—I've had the idea to do a fine, (light weight) color work vest—a major undertaking really since there is a lot of me. Plus a simpler, worsted weight lace vest, to replace one from a few years ago (it was made from acrylic, and it had a bad experience in the clothes dryer)

There are hats to re-knit (and completely document) and new hats itching to be knit, and scarves (How many times have I said, “That's it, I am never knitting another scarf!”--and yet I have plans for 2 already—one, soft and light lace—more an accessory than a thing of warmth, and one with interesting techniques.. and I have plans for gloves (real, fingered gloves) and some of the fingerless variety, (and just how long go I think winter is?!)

I KNOW I won't get everything on my list knit And that as full as the list is, more things will get added to it, and some of those new additions will jump to the top of the list.

Meanwhile, my pumpkin pie socks got started, ignored, frogged and restarted (a lot of changes in 6 days!) and now are on their way. So far, just a crimped crust of toasty brown, and a smidgen of dark, spicy custard—But on the way.

The crimps in the crust caused the problem—I wanted something different than the Crowning Achievement sock top—and it took a few tries to get the crust right. Textured, and undulating, but not pointed. I used the same channel island cast on (it's a super stretch one as well as being attractive) but worked the cuff in garter, and rounder ripples for nice effect.

For the next day or two, its easy going, just plain stocking knit.. But the starting at the heel, the sole will be 'crust' (brown) and the instep custard (pumpkin) Very Pie like indeed!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful posts about the seasons. We have no seasons in SoCal, but we certainly like to pretend we do. ;o)