Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Smidgen of Progress

The Heel is the worst! All those extra stitches in the gusset,and decreases. And–as soon as its done, I feel like the sock is almost finished.

I don't feel that way yet. The remaining gusset stitches got picked up, and I am now decreasing my way back to the original stitch count—slowly, So SLOWLY! A dozen rows of the gusset done—and a dozen more to do. I do like deep insteps, and long gussets PITA that they are, are a must!

And at the same time, I am working the instep- First 8 rows of the gusset, then 4 rows on the instep, then 4 more on gusset, and 4 more on the instep. It's following along, slightly behind.

By Monday, I should have enough progress made that I can put the socks on to LEGS—and let you see. Right now there isn't enough of a foot(sole) or instep to hold the socks in place at the LEGS heel.

That's it!

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random Cindy said...

I'm surprised to hear you say that! I totally agree. Next time I will try and after thought heel. Although, they might not ever get done of I do that. Then it would be like eating the cake first and leaving the boiled veggies to last.