Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well, crust toes! Now a few rows of pumpkin custard, and the socks will be done!

I think when finished, the socks will actually be too small for LEGS—but that's OK—my granddaughter has small feet (it must be her mother's side of the family!) she a bit petite in general. Or perhaps just normal—both of my children were always ahead of the curve when it came to height—age 12 (my granddaughter age) my daughter was –at the beginning of the school year over 5 foot tall—and by the end of the year almost as tall as me (5'5”!) and the third tallest girl in the class.

My granddaughter is about 4'8”--but if she has a similar growth spurt—she'll end up 5'2” by the end of the school year—and with many more years to grow—she could end up as tall as me (nice) or even as tall as her mother (5”7”--Very nice, indeed!)

So I should finish up the socks today—and get started on the fair isle hat tomorrow—or maybe even late tonight. After that, MORE socks—cause—well every month brings more socks! A vest, too, is on the agenda for October.

I started looking last night for pattern—and found 2 I sort of like—but neither was exactly right—but one inspired a design—a weirdly shaped single piece that is mostly back—but also forms an arm hole and a bit of front shaping. The rest of the shaping will be a circular band.

The yarn? A multi color one—Lion Brand's Amazing—I love the shrug I made with this yarn, last year. Love the color, love the fit—but –and this is an odd complaint—it's a bit too warm! I am sure there will be cold days, or days when fatigue or illness leave me chilled to the bone, and I'll love the cozy warmth. But more often than not—it will be too warm. But a sleeveless vest? Perfect—enough to warm the core of my body. Enough to wear under a light jacket—or to wear alone in the car. I really hate driving in heavy coats or jackets—but I often want more than just a shirt or T-shirt.

I have the noro vest—but—pretty as the colors are, I don't like this vest much—I know, I know, Noro changes on its on schedule, and trying to make matches with Noro is like trying to herd cats—but I really don't like the lack of matching fronts. Oh, I'll wear it, but it's not something I really like-it will end up a house sweater—rarely worn out.

I've been working on a 'wish list' of things to knit for the winter and coming year. The sock list already has 14 ideas—7 simple easy ones, and 7 fancy, complex ones. 2 are left over from the list I made last January, and I expect by the end of next year, there will be some left over again.

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