Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Well I Did My Bit

for democracy—I voted this morning (after breakfast, before errands) Pretty sad, too.

I live in a 6 building co-op, there are several other co-ops in the area (4 building, and 5 building ones) All built around the same time, they are almost identical in size (building size) and lay out. Each building in the respective co-ops has 14 apartments per floor (A to N) and 14 floors (all skip floor 13, and end with 15. ) over 1100 units in my co-op in groups of 6 buildings; just under a 100 in the building group of 5. A lot of people in a very small area. Even if you presume 1 voter per apartment (and since some apartments are 2 and 3 bedroom ones, that is a low average, AND presume, that 40% of the people can't vote (the neighborhood has a high percentage if immigrants) that still leaves thousands of voters in my district.

But when I went to vote? I was number 26. At 10 AM in the morning. The early voters—I used to be one—vote on their way to work. The stay at home mothers with children to get to school, would have (if they were going to) walked their children to school and cast their vote then.

But 26 voters? Turn out is (as in all special elections, and primaries) low—very low.

Goodness knows a ton of money has been spent on the candidates—the local airways have been filled with ads-- and the robo-dialers—endless. I think I got 12 calls yesterday alone--(and the calls have been going on for days!)

Allegedly, it's a test-—Will the district remain democratic, or will Tea Party candidate Turner win.

Truthfully, while he was stupid--(at least in how he conducted his personal life) If Anthony Weiner were on the ballot, I would have voted for him again. I would much rather a stupid but harmless Weiner than any tea party candidate—who want to be elected to government, and then proof government is ineffective by blocking all action (and making it ineffective!)

But enough politics.. I got a scant 8 rows of my sock done.. the sole is less than an inch longer, as is the instep. I better get to work—The month is rapidly going away—if I don't get cracking—it will have gone by with nothing to show for it except a single pair of socks!

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JelliDonut said...

I hate it when people don't bother to vote but can't shut up about how much they hate their elected officials!