Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yes, I HAVE Been Knitting.

And cleaning and cooking..

I really hardly cleaned at all—all summer. I started out cleaning the terrace and doing some re-arranging to make room for all the chairs and planters from the terrace to indoors. The work out there is progressing—or so I am told.

All the railings have been removed, but they need to clean and then paint (with special water proofing paint) the terrace floor, and ceilings (actually, ceilings first) and then finally install the new railing. The jack-hammering is for the most part has ended --there is still noise—but not so much.

Then there is scaffolding and construction cloth—the whole process has been dusty. The terrace windows have been shut—but the dust travels. By the end of the summer, every room was coated with gritty dust. Slowly but surely, shiny surfaces are re-appearing.

And I have been cooking. I hate cooking for one—so I try to pre-cook in bulk and freeze. Then dinner is easier--quick reheats in the micro wave--with microwaved steamed veggies--and hardly a pot to wash for fancy bit of food.

When it goes on sale (last week) I buy the family packs of skinless boneless chicken breasts. Some get grilled, some get cut up and made into 'plain' chunks--(that can be reheated in fajitas sauce say, for fajitas, or mixed with kung poo noodles mix for Chinese food) other chunks are marinated in soy sauce and 'breaded' with corn starch and fried—these become General Tso's chicken, or sesame chicken, or chicken with orange sauce —the chunks can be re-heated in the oven (or sometimes the microwave) and along with steamed broccoli, or other veggies—to make a dinner faster than the rice can cook. (I always make double rice, and freeze the extra portion--so that the next time, I can zap the rice too!)

I made some chicken curry too--(did I mention, I eat chicken 4 to 5 days of the week?)

This week there is also some red meat—low fat ground beef—again family pack size on sale—1lb. became mini meat balls, the other 2 lbs. became 'crumble'--cooked and drained beef the will quickly morph into tacos, or simple stroganoff, or a quick chili (add canned beans, canned salsa style tomatoes, and a bit of chili powder—simmer 5 minutes) Enough for chili today--and enough left over for day two.

Come the winter, I'll make real chili--but quick chili is still better than the canned stuff. Chili, almost always--is served with corn bread--I always have a few boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix--I've had better corn bread--but not often. The Jiffy stuff is top notch.

I try to eat fresh fish once a week—salmon sometimes--(but I really don't like salmon) tuna as infrequently as salmon—My favorite is cod--(and every spring a pound or two of dried salt cod finds it way into my pantry) I don't much like herring either--but that's it--I'll eat just about every other variety of fish, and almost every other sort of sea food--it really depends on whats available (and on sale) About once a week/every other week, there is an all vegetarian dinner—or one with eggs or cheese.

Does anyone but me remember peppers and eggs Italian style (with a red sauce)? Chunks of peppers and onions in a tomato sauce, and an egg poached in the sauce as well. I like spaghetti with oil and garlic too—some times with a dusting of fresh grated cheese—or sometime home style with breadcrumbs.

It's still a bit to warm to be making soup--but that's up next-- I want some spicy soups this year--some mukkugatawny, or some ginger/lemon grass ones. Lately, I just crave spicy foods!

Oh, have I made you hungry? Well it's been aromatic around here! My freezer is once again packed with prepared ingredients for quick entree's!--I love having a larder full of good to eat food.

And then there is this—A little sweater.. Since it was photographed, half the lower edging is finished—a leafy border in green. The sleeves with have leafy mitts and the center front panel will be more green leaves—all for a little sprout. There will be a matching hat, too. All this for Jennifer and Guy's new one--(there will be more!) All in a machine washable wool.

I want to get it finished up—Saturday is a new month—and time for new socks! I have to pace myself, or it would be all socks, all the time!

Sunday is going to be a new knitting group—one at the Rego Park Shopping Center Panera's—starting at 2 PM—and going to—when ever we want! You can come too!


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I am now so hungry! And yes, you are to blame! lol! I have to wait to eat though.

It's very clever to do foods that way but I don't do the shopping anymore so it's always sort of "what would you like to eat?", this question coming around 3pm. I never asked him, I just made it!

You, like me, will have socks on the needles the rest of your life. You must accept this as your fate. ;o) The little sweater is going to be adorable!
Have fun at the new knitting group.

gayle said...

Yes, you've made me hungry, too!
Love the little sweater.