Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

and me--were over turned yesterday--
The post below was ready to go yesterday—all I needed was the photo's—and when I went to take them— I discovered the men cleaning the ceiling of the terrace (as part of the painting prep work) hadn't protected the the window/door frame to the terrace and the high powered stream of water had leaked –and my floor was wet—so instead of taking photos, I was busy mopping and moving things.
The “baker's rack” that I use as a plant stand is up close to the window (d'oh!) - and covered with stuff (planters, cache pots for plants, the outdoor clock/thermometer, and other stuff (trowels, water cans)--So moving it is a big deal (I can't just drag it across my wooden floors the way I do across the contrete floor of the terrace!)

By the time I was done--I was out of time--and later--out of lightl

Flapped and Turned

But not yet gusseted! And, of course, as is the way with flapped/turned/gusseted heels, the stripe pattern on the instep is “broken” No matter.

The flap (as I like them) is a few rows deeper than convention (these socks are 64 stitches—a good number for a 4 stitch rib pattern to work symmetrically) and the flap should be 32 rows long (16 chains on each side and 16 (+1) pick ups on each side for the gusset.. but my flap is 34 rows deep, and 18 (+1) stitches picked up. 19 + 19. This will make the gussets an extra 3 rounds long.

It always seems forever to knit the gussets—all those extra stitches in every round—but because its also longer-- When I am done with the gussets a good part of the foot is also knit. I have the weekend and Monday to finish these—I think they will come in right at the wire.

(Does it matter? Sure they are October's socks—and I would like them to be knit in the month of October—but a day late? Who cares!)

Oh—and the hat—all done—knit and finished. Today I'll buy some ribbon and wrapping paper to get it all packed up and ready for the shower tomorrow.

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zippiknits...sometimes said...

What a cute baby hat. :-) And, you really can knit socks fast. You inspire me.