Friday, October 21, 2011

Blue Sky's and Sunny Day's

--it there any better cure for the blues? (Well, to be technically correct yes, but...)

Crazy 8's put aside and new simple socks started—Patons Ragg Effects—in a simple stripe pattern.

Nothing done but the cast on and a few rounds (not even a half inch!) but this is the perfect yarn—every few rounds (before I get bored or distracted) a new color—The grey is a bluish grey (the color of very faded denim) the other colors (red, dr. blue, lt. blue, gold, green) are nice enough. This will be a basic go with almost anything sock. A simple no brainer, generic sock.

I still haven't decided on a stitch pattern—I am thinking about a rib—3 X 1—but I've done that before. Maybe a broken rib, or deeply textured rib. I have time to decide--I tend to like a nice deep (1.5 inch) cuff—and I have a number of rounds to do before I have to decide.

Later today I MUST catch up on laundry—every day I have used a fresh clean towel as a 'drape'/work cloth for cleaning and dressing the wound—10 days later, I have a full load of towels alone to wash!

Plus there are clothes—this time of the year is the worst—2 week ago there were 80° (and warmer) days—now day time temps are in the 60° (about 16° to 18°C.). I think it's finally time to move the sleeveless tops and dresses to the back closet, and bring out the long sleeves tops (and light jackets)--and soon enough, winter blankets, too.

Short sleeve T's never go away—I like to layer them under long sleeved shirts--(then I can open the neck and roll up the sleeves if I get to warm)

And I have resolved—Saturday is for SEWING! I want to get some skirts made—I have the fabric (denim, and twills—Since January!) and I have a pattern, and I always have thread, and other notions. All that is needed is the gumption and drive to turn the fabric into new clothes.

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gayle said...

I'm in the Wardrobe Transition process, too. So sad to let go of the summer things, but happy to see all my favorite sweaters again...