Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Times 8! A black sock—with 8 raised I-cords—that will twist and turn and make raised cable like 8's.

Right now, it looks a mess—with 16 mini balls (8 per sock) of the various colors, PLUS the base yarn, with ends still not woven in—its all a bit chaotic.

And if history serves, it remains a bit chaotic—I might WILL switch to some zip lock bags—each skein in a mini one, a set of 8 (one socks worth) in a quart sized one. Or I might will likely still have to stopping every once in a while to untangle.

(By Round 2, It was a mess! my tentative post was edited to reflect that!) So I am off to organize –mini plastic bags, in side of medium ones—I'll see how that works.

The sock is a bit loose (64 stitches + the 8 I-cords) but the cabling will pull it in a bit.

A simple twisted cast on, and a few rounds of garter for the cuff. I have no idea how long I'll make the leg--(but I suspect I will aim for my usually 7 to 9 inches (7 inches before I start the heel flap, which will make up the last of 2 inches of the leg.)

These socks will take some time to knit—but I think they will be just wonderful when done!

This PM I go for my surgical follow up visit—I suspect it will be a long wait—but I have knitting—and after I'll head out to Tuesday night knitting—at least for a little while.

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gayle said...

Check with your local florist - some flowers (football mums for instance) come with plastic netting over the blossoms. They make perfect mini yarn bras. (I used to work as a florist, and was delighted to find a use for the little nets. We'd been just throwing them away, which offended my frugal soul.)
Glad you're on the mend!