Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A FO (almost!)

FYI--this post might contain TMI for the squeemish!

Just 4 rounds of ribbing on one armhole, and then 2 ends to weave in.

It's MOSTLY back—and collar—and just a bit of fullness at the breast—where, eventually, a small shawl pin will hold it together. On the mannikin's, it looks pretty shapeless (and, it is) but stretched out over my body, it has a shaped front that is a cutaway. Just 4 skeins of Lion Brand Amazing yarn—in the Mauna Lua color way. One more skein (and a bit more) will become the LONG sleeved fingerless gloves I want.

I started this when I first got the infection--(Monday Oct 3rd) and finished the back before I ended up in the hospital, working collar and the front/back waist band while I was in the ER—mostly before I got admitted to the hospital.

I didn't get to much done as I slowly got better—I ended up with IV lines (first in back of right hand, then in back of left, and then in right wrist--) the first 2 became pain full (really painful!) in a few hours, the last, lasted 3 days—(72 hour!) The IV meds were so painful going in—one Vancomyisin—came from the refrigerator--(and was physically cold to the touch) —but felt like it was a 120° when the started dripping into a vein!--Yowza!

Curious? Last –make the 2 weeks ago, I was leaning in to get something off the back seat of my car. (2 POS(piece of ....) 2 door) and the “hinge lock” slipped and the door fell closed on my leg.
Hurt! I ended up with a “egg” (not a surface bruise) and well its seemed to be getting better.. but I didn't, keep my leg elevated or compressed (enough) and went about doing a bunch of stuff.

Sunday—a fun long day (Oct 2)--I got the first hint it was getting worse, not better. (Here is were I engaged in some magical thinking too) Sunday night it showed the classic signs of an infection--
Galen (? I think it was Galen, a Roman Physician) 3000 years ago quantified an infection—Dolar, solar, molar, cholar—or Pain(dolar), Heat (solar), Swelling (molar) and Redness(cholar)--

Monday it was worse—but I refused to stop my magical thinking (“It will get better on it's own”) until the time pain, redness (and then, a ugly 'bruised looking boil) swelling were so bad—I knew I needed treatment.

I started at a walk in care center—and they were kind—but said—Oh, no, beyond our scope.

So off to the local hospital ER. (the day in the ER is worth a post of its own!)--IV antibiotics—to start—a few day worth—and Saturday—a “procedure”--The Surgeon—one Dr. Hassain—lanced and drained the egg (or as they say in doctor talk “hematoma” )

A few days of intense bed rest, LOTS more IV antibiotics, and finally yesterday I was sent home.

Getting home was exhausting (I hadn't really moved much in 4 days—between a open (draining) wound on my leg, and IV lines in my arm-) I spend most of the time in bed. Technically I was ambulatory--(I got up to go to the bathroom and to shower) but I didn't move much.

Then it was up and get dressed, check in at the admitting office, stop in at the drug store--(I am now on oral antibiotics) schlepping a big bag of “goodies” to dress the wound--(the wound needs daily dressing and I am going to be changing it my self for the next week) and other stuff—well all in all it took 2 hours from the time I left the bed, till I walked in the door. Most of that time was 'sitting' not standing (which hurts) or walking (more comfortable than standing) –but it was for sure more activity than I had in the past week!

So much more to catch up on—but duty (more doctors appointments!) call! I've got to go!


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

That's certainly a cautionary tale. OUCH! What painful ordeal.

A car door slammed back on my right hand one year in the wind. It took awhile for the fingers to straighten out on their own. It never happened again, I can tell you.

So good to know that you are ambulatory again, and getting better. I will keep you in my thoughts, m'friend.

The sweater is very pretty and tempting to make. I like the "cut" of it. The Lion brand colorway is beautiful. I'm looking that yarn up!

Anonymous said...

Galen it was, and you were right on the signs and darned close with the Latin! We still learn those same four signs of infection in medical school today: tumor (swelling), rubor (redness), calor (heat), dolor (pain) -- glad you are better!