Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A FO (almost!)

FYI--this post might contain TMI for the squeemish!

Just 4 rounds of ribbing on one armhole, and then 2 ends to weave in.

It's MOSTLY back—and collar—and just a bit of fullness at the breast—where, eventually, a small shawl pin will hold it together. On the mannikin's, it looks pretty shapeless (and, it is) but stretched out over my body, it has a shaped front that is a cutaway. Just 4 skeins of Lion Brand Amazing yarn—in the Mauna Lua color way. One more skein (and a bit more) will become the LONG sleeved fingerless gloves I want.

I started this when I first got the infection--(Monday Oct 3rd) and finished the back before I ended up in the hospital, working collar and the front/back waist band while I was in the ER—mostly before I got admitted to the hospital.

I didn't get to much done as I slowly got better—I ended up with IV lines (first in back of right hand, then in back of left, and then in right wrist--) the first 2 became pain full (really painful!) in a few hours, the last, lasted 3 days—(72 hour!) The IV meds were so painful going in—one Vancomyisin—came from the refrigerator--(and was physically cold to the touch) —but felt like it was a 120° when the started dripping into a vein!--Yowza!

Curious? Last –make the 2 weeks ago, I was leaning in to get something off the back seat of my car. (2 POS(piece of ....) 2 door) and the “hinge lock” slipped and the door fell closed on my leg.
Hurt! I ended up with a “egg” (not a surface bruise) and well its seemed to be getting better.. but I didn't, keep my leg elevated or compressed (enough) and went about doing a bunch of stuff.

Sunday—a fun long day (Oct 2)--I got the first hint it was getting worse, not better. (Here is were I engaged in some magical thinking too) Sunday night it showed the classic signs of an infection--
Galen (? I think it was Galen, a Roman Physician) 3000 years ago quantified an infection—Dolar, solar, molar, cholar—or Pain(dolar), Heat (solar), Swelling (molar) and Redness(cholar)--

Monday it was worse—but I refused to stop my magical thinking (“It will get better on it's own”) until the time pain, redness (and then, a ugly 'bruised looking boil) swelling were so bad—I knew I needed treatment.

I started at a walk in care center—and they were kind—but said—Oh, no, beyond our scope.

So off to the local hospital ER. (the day in the ER is worth a post of its own!)--IV antibiotics—to start—a few day worth—and Saturday—a “procedure”--The Surgeon—one Dr. Hassain—lanced and drained the egg (or as they say in doctor talk “hematoma” )

A few days of intense bed rest, LOTS more IV antibiotics, and finally yesterday I was sent home.

Getting home was exhausting (I hadn't really moved much in 4 days—between a open (draining) wound on my leg, and IV lines in my arm-) I spend most of the time in bed. Technically I was ambulatory--(I got up to go to the bathroom and to shower) but I didn't move much.

Then it was up and get dressed, check in at the admitting office, stop in at the drug store--(I am now on oral antibiotics) schlepping a big bag of “goodies” to dress the wound--(the wound needs daily dressing and I am going to be changing it my self for the next week) and other stuff—well all in all it took 2 hours from the time I left the bed, till I walked in the door. Most of that time was 'sitting' not standing (which hurts) or walking (more comfortable than standing) –but it was for sure more activity than I had in the past week!

So much more to catch up on—but duty (more doctors appointments!) call! I've got to go!
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