Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Promise

I'll get some knitting done today—If for no other reason than I want to finish theses socks this month! And time is quickly running out!

Reading and cleaning, and cooking (and this morning, already, shopping) have eaten into my knitting time. Yesterday—NOTHING! Not a single stitch of sock was knit.

But—my refrigerator is clean, and dishes were loaded into the dishwasher, and the same put away later, clean!

This AM I went out to breakfast—and afterwards-- a quick stop at Trader Joe's—where I stocked up on oatmeal. The price has gone up (isn't that true of everything?!)But at $3.29 for a 30 ounce canister, they are half the price of all the competitors. (I bought 2 canisters. It's not quite a 2 month supply—my local Trader Joe's has such a horrid parking lot I tend to avoid going--but enough to keep me in oatmeal (irish/steel cut style) for a while.

It's noisy today—the terrace ceilings are being power sanded—the last steps of refinishing them will be clean up and painting—Both the ceiling and the floor. Then the new railing go in—all this (hopefully) before the weather turns too cold and wet to be doing outdoor work. Already its been rainy enough that the work is behind schedule—and quiet rainy week days are punctuated by noisy “catch up' week ends. Tomorrow—more rain. It's already been the wettest year on record (or near to) and there is still 3 months of the year to go. I hope there are more cold, wet, windy days (as predicted for tomorrow)--which bad as they are, are better than mountains of snow!

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