Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Not a Hat--

Yet. But the complex border is done and nicely, (not perfectly, but nicely) grafted.
The rest of the hat will be ribbing—to create the maximum of wear. Baby's heads (well, normal baby's) start out small (my baby's had big heads from the get-go) and grow—FAST! Ribbing will let a hat fit (unstretched) on a new born, and then stretch out to fit 3months later. (There is about 1 inch of unseen ribbing behind the leafy border) The hat easily stretches onto Head--(about 19 inches)--so it should fit for a few months.

I'll finish it today—and get back to the heel flap and get the heel of the Rag Effects socks done, too. And once the heel is done—it seems no time at all till the sock is finished!

Not today—well, not finished with the socks today) but the hat will be finished.

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