Monday, October 24, 2011


And not much to show for it. A few more stripes have been added to the sock—but its not quite a full color set repeat. --You'll have to wait to tomorrow to see it.

I didn't get much knitting done yesterday--(mostly because I was running my mouth!) but even thought it was just 3 of us,(Debbie, Lynn and me) I was happy—it takes a while to start up a *knitting group—and for people to get it in there schedule (and memory)

I hope the group grows—but I am almost afraid—the Panera's at the new Rego Park Mall is beautiful, and well run—but its always packed! And fitting in a big group on sunday afternoons might not be possible. Well, I will worry about that when the group grows—and then we can all collectively decide when to meet.

The other thing that's been keeping me engaged is eating—Healthier eating. A contributing factor to my infection (and healing) is my weight—I have never been thin, but in recent years, I have been heavier that I was 20 years ago (when I was still overweight) and heavier than I was 30 years ago, (when I was also overweight) I need to lose weight—in serious way (and I have been!)

I have been very conscious of my eating—and eating better (and the results are already showing) but it takes more time; and thought and effort.

It's something I need to do for my health, and to do for my vanity. My DD became engaged last month—and while the wedding is about a year a way (they still haven't actually settled on a date—but September 2012 is the month.) I have a lot of weight to lose—and slow and steady is the way to do it..a pound a week is over 50 pound in a year—and that's a very do-able amount to set as a goal—And 50 pound will make a very big difference healthwise. I am already ahead –but I recognize its always easier to start a diet—and weight comes off a bit easier in the beginning—but long term dieting includes set backs and plateaus—and “planning” on 2 pounds a week can lead to disappointment (and failure)--Right now I am averaging 2 pounds a week—but this is a long term project.

I likely won't be thin come the wedding next year, but I will be a lot thinner and healthier than I am now.

*Are you in Queens? Would you like to join the Sunday Knitting group? We meet at the panera's/Rego Park Mall—the at Junction Blvd. 2 PM, every Sunday. Come on by and join us!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Two pounds a week is the most sustainable weight loss figure, according to most dieticians, so you are good as gold there. :-) And congratulations!

I love the socks - love the ragg look, and the pattern. I'm trying to find some yarn I put into a project bag for a scarf, but I'm going to just pick the Hedgerow socks again.

Wish I could drop in at Queens Panera and give you a hug.