Saturday, October 15, 2011

No News

Is good news? Well, it's boring. I picked up the bag of yarns I've collected for the Crazy 8 socks—but I didn't actually do anything. Maybe today.

Health-wise, my infection/wound is healing up nicely—though antibiotic are playing havoc with my digestion—Some probiotics are the next order of business—I need to replenish all the good bugs that normally live in my digestive track, and I don't think there is enough yogurt in world to do that!

SO, since I have nothing to write about—I'll send you off to a blog post that does--

My DIL-Sonya—is a fiber artist—and she has a collective project going on—A simple one—quick and easy to knit—it only needs a few yards of yarn. All the details can be found on this blog—and you can also follow her on FaceBook or on Ravelry (her group) Why don't you join in? I will be—I have a few yards of a lovely shell pink-too much yarn to discard—but too little to do almost anything else with.

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Sonya Philip said...

Thanks for posting Helen! Hope you are doing well and recovering swiftly.