Thursday, October 20, 2011


Is slow(too slow!) but steady—Doctors appointments—and anxiety about them (2—one Tuesday, one Wednesday) is past. The lanced infection is still an open draining wound—and will continue to be for a while. There is, still the new daily routine of cleaning and dressing. There is marked improvement--(and one sure sign—itchness!)in appearance. The next follow up is in 2 week.

Nothing has been done on the crazy 8 socks—they might be put aside till next month—I think they are just to much to cope with now—There are just too many changes going on in my life right now—if I were angry (or scared—or very scared) complex knitting would be a good distraction. But I am just a bit overwhelmed—and complex knitting is just another chore.

I have lots of self striping yarns—I think its time for something dead simple—something to just knit and not think about for a while.

Even reading is going slow—I am only about half finished a book I started a week ago—and that's slow for me.

With all my introsection, and self centered concern about my health (and continued health with out insurance!) I don't feel I have anything to write about—and nothing to show either.

Maybe tomorrow will be different! --Actually I know it will be—I just hope in a more visible positive way!


Virginia G said...

I'm glad you're starting to feel better. Sorry that things have been so rough on you lately.


plnc said...

Hang in there!
PS I finished my shrug based on your recipe and I love it!!