Friday, October 14, 2011

The Rhythms of My Life

Have changed! I still haven't gotten back to my normal routine (it's day three!)And in reality, I never will. But I am on my way to getting some new routines in place.

Number 1 priority (that's being met!) is oral antibiotics-4 times a day (as near as to every 6 hours as I can manage!--so for I've never been more than 20 minutes late)--and next priority is changing the dressing on the 'wound'--The good news is: every day is less ugly looking—it's changing, slowly but surely, becoming pink and healthy looking (and I am getting better at doing it!) There are other medical priorities; scheduling a follow up to surgery, and other stuff.

Like getting some tape—I came home with 99% of the supplies needed to change the dressing—everything but tape! I've been to the local drug store twice now and forgotten to get tape twice!--I have a few inches left—but I can't forget again today!

On the knitting front—well I have, in the back of my mind, socks—1 pair for me (the Crazy 8's) and one pair as a gift. (A thank you gift) But I haven't done anything so there is nothing to show! And I need to get the hat (to match the baby sweater) knit, and... (well the list of things I want to knit is endless!)

A distraction to knitting is a book—I can't manage to read and knit at the same time.

And then there is the “bad news comes in 3's”--I am on the mend—but 2 good friends have been ill at the same time –One painfully so—A cracked molar (and emergency root canal) and one seriously so—with cardiac and kidney problems (both high blood pressure related). Prayer (good) and worry (bad) about both of them is distracting me, too.

So.... Let's change the subject!

When I was in the hospital—my daughter put together a small goodies bag—a hair brush (vital!) some hand cream (not really needed), and other toiletries. The best was she tucked in one of these –something totally new to me—Sally Hanson's Salon Effects--a Peel, Place and Press on NAIL Polish!

I was a bit incredulous—but now, I am a believer! It's not cheap –each box is a single use application and cost about $10—but I was able to give my self the of the best manicures ever!
Still it's cheaper than a salon manicure.

First, it's almost odorless—a major plus. Second, it's not that hard to get smooth and even. It's a bit tricky—but I managed to do it in a hospital bed, with an IV line in my wrist (which limited my hand mobility)--and got the left hand done (easy! I am right handed) first—but also got the right hand done—Not perfectly—but infinitely better than I have ever been able to with liquid polish. Thirdly--no drying time--it goes on dry!

No spills, no unevenness, no smell--these alone make it a good product, But! here it is 4 days later—looking pretty damn good!--So it's durable too! So far, no chips, no peeled edges; It's holding up way better than average.

So, while I forgot tape (that I needed!) I did manage to find another pack of the press on polish--(and since it was on 50% sale, bought 2!) One the metalic beige (a sort of champaign color) and one in a pink camouflage. But there are lace and butterfly and floral patterns, and solids --including one that looks like blue denim (a woven look!)

I know I am not the last person to have discovered this product--and that to many this will be old news. I don't often use my blog to do product plugs (especially free one!) but this is a product that impressed me.

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