Monday, October 31, 2011

Well, They Aren't Socks Yet

Don't even have a full gusset yet. But.. well does it really matter?

Saturday was the baby shower—and as luck would have it the sweater and hat became part of a set...
The stroller was brown and green, the matching blanket, green and white.. And there were other green and brown, and taupe gifts. What can I say? Great minds think alike!

The down side to the shower was the weather—Friday night, the weather reports said snow in norther suburbs, and a dusting in NYC by 9 PM—but as almost every knows.. It was rain and snow (and flooded streets) in Queens by 2 PM—and enough snow that I had to scrap the windows after about 5 miles (from my house to my daughters) –then off to Manhattan to pick up Matt—and northern Manhattan was a paved with broken branches—None blocked the roads completely—but it was a taste of what was to come. The Saw Mill Parkway—a lovely road where the trees form a bowery—was reduced to 2 lanes in each direction—every quarter of mile, yet another broken tree or branch on the road. Bigger more traveled roads (the Cross County Parkway) were a bit better, but eventually we had to get off and were once again on local tree lined (and tree branch strewn) roads

And all the while the snow is coming down—so fast that the roads were slushy.

I left early—but not early enough—The roads were better--(the worst of tree limbs were pulled to side) but visibility was bad—and the heavy wet snow covered everything—road signs were unreadable. I ended up taking a detour of a few miles to find the entrance to the highway.

The best was the roads got better as I once again headed south. Scarsdale ended up, all said and done with 10 inches of heavy wet snow—Queens had under 2—90% of which was melted –since Queens was a bit warmer (we never fell below 33°--and 1 degree is enough! Things melted (albeit slowly) and roadways were wet, but not slushy. The sidewalks were slushy—but (knock wood) I didn't even slip!

So what little knitting I got done—got done yesterday at Panera's—I was busy in the AM—and afterwards visited a bit with a friend—so it was almost 8 by the time I got home. I just didn't get any knitting done after dinner, either.

A busy weekend, but not much to show for it!

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zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Wow. That storm was really a nasty one with the trees not ready for it,too. Sad. Glad you are home safely. I wonder how my niece in Maine, who still hates driving in snow, is doing.