Friday, November 18, 2011

A 7 inch Foot

Is just about the right size for me, sans the heel. In a round or two it will time to start the heel--a short row heel--which will add about another 2 inches—and I'll have the 9 inches of sock I need to fit.

I am going to momentarily pause work on these socks then. My friend Debbie is working on her 2nd pair of socks—and I want her to see a short row in progress. She is a very visual learner. She's now started on her second pair of socks—and will be doing a short row heel in a few weeks.

She finally finished her first pair of socks last week—Not quite 6 months in the making—and while they are not perfect(far from it!) She is pleased as punch with them and has already worn them. I'll nag her a bit, and make her take a photo—but, already, her second pair are looking so much better!

I'll see her Sunday, at Panera's—and I want to be mid heel at then. Then she can see a few short rows being work, and also see how to pick up and do the second half the the heel.

So a few more rounds, and I'll start the heel, then, pause before finishing the first half.

But—before that—as promised, here are the socks stretch out and semi blocked—Now you can see the center pattern of twisted stitches that cable back and forth to make intersecting diamonds—do you sense a recurring theme here? It could be! The gloves are likely to have yet another iteration of a diamond pattern –one done in knits and purls.

(Look closely, (double click the image to enlarge) and you can see the first "pattern" repeat is not as well done--but I don't care!--The knitting got me through a bad day- and will be hidden inside my shoes.)

I find I often repeat a design element over and over (till I grow bored with it)--This month its Diamonds—who know what will be next!

So in the mean while, I'll cast on the fingers of my gloves—and start to work on them. I have the yarn and needle ready--and I need to finish them before the Christmas holidays anyway--so it's not too soon to get started.

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