Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A few weeks ago, I finally got around to buying some Styrofoam insulation panels—a set of 6, each 15 inches by 46 inches with tongue and groove edges—so they can snap together for larger panels.--I can get long and narrow shapes for long scarves, and square shapes for sweaters, and even giant stepped triangles for shawls..

I have a ton of knitting that needed something longer than my couch, and more convenient than my bed—so these panels (each about 1 inch thick) are, for me, the perfect solution--they store readily, out of the way under the couch. (I didn't actually remove the plastic overwrap this first time—the plastic is the source of the reflected glare!). The price was right, too--the set of 6 cost less than $10.

The color in this image is pretty true—or it is at least on my monitor--it's a little darker, now, damp, than it is dry, but its just about right.

Today is the first time I am using them—with very little tension, the scarf is being block to a full 46 inches! I didn't thread the blocking wire in the chevron ribbed center back—I want that part of the knitting to fold up accordion style—seeing it 'scooped in' at the neck looks perfect!

I can't readily get the whole scarf in a single image--well maybe from 10 feet away I could, but then the light wouldn't be as good, and the details would be lost. No matter really--since each end is a mirror image, seeing one end is the same as seeing the other!

Tomorrow AM is yet another Dr's appointment--(but it should be a quick in and out!); when I return, (before noon with any luck at all!) it should be dry and ready to unpin. Then, I'll drape it on my dress form again for a finished photo.

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