Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Busy Day!

Heading out in a few minutes—will be gone all morning and a bit of the afternoon.

Then later, in the late afternoon, it's out east (just 5 miles—but thousands and thousands others will be doing the same on the LIE!) to pick up my daughters CSA (and maybe even steal a veggie or two for my effort!)

After that, turn round, and head west—and go from one end of Queens to the other (from 230th Street (apx) in eastern queens to 11th Street in western Queens—thankfully, while there are some who reverse commute—traffic will be heavy—there aren't so many—so it will be moving.

Evening will find me at Tuesday night knitting. I am going to pass on delivering the CSA veggies till Wednesday morning. My daughter won't be home (to come down to the car and get them) –and road work makes it impossible to park at night. It will be cool (in the 40°'s)enough that the veggies (likely to be a bunch of root stock!) and they will be fine in the car trunk over night.

In between all this running around I have to find time to eat well—I know me—if I skip a meal, I get so hungry I am likely to make poor choices—and pig out out something yummy (but not very healthy!) and I don't want to do that—not when yesterday foot on the scale found me down another 2 pounds—that 9 now for the month—a good start to my goal of 50--(maybe 50 lbs is too small a goal? Maybe I should aim for even less of me?)

Well I got some knitting done yesterday –(not much, but some) and will, get some done this AM, and some more this PM, and should have something to show tomorrow.

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