Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Envelop, Please.

So I was talked into waiting on buying a wireless router—but time is up! I've wanted a to go wireless for awhile—and now have an extra incentive. I am moving—belatedly—but better late than never-- into the new, wifi always on line world.

Just another thing to be thankful for!

I now have a tablet--it's an off brand-- and the battery life is way too short—but it's Android powered—and bigger than the 2 X 2 inch screen of my not-so-smart phone. (And I should not be looking gift horses in the mouth. It's Great!)

And since Saturday is for sewing—yesterday it got itself a nice little envelope to hold it. Inside (between the layer) there is plush iron in interfacing—giving the envelop a bit of padded protection. A small Velcro dot holds it closed— enough I think. A pocket on back will allow me to carry the charger, too—since with only 6 hours of battery life-it need to be fed often. And while it doesn't really fit, I will the manual tucked into the envelop, too. (The manual has bigger exterior dimensions than the tablet-but barely 20 pages thick, so it can be crammed into the envelop and folded over a bit)--I don't plan on carrying the manual long term--and decided that the envelop should fit the tablet--not the manual.

For now, I still need the manual handy to reference some paths—but already in 24 of playing with it—I feel like I know my way around.

It will get a try out this afternoon—Sunday means knitting at Panera's—and Panera's will have wifi. I think I am going to need to find some sort of Droid manual too--I have figure out how to connect it to my computer in the most basic way. But not how to communicate with it.

It seems like it should be able to talk to my Google account and let me exchange and sync info with a hard wired connection (but I haven't found out how yet!) I am sure there are thousand of other users who will show me around.

Another system to learn! My first hand held computer was a 8086/dos based Psion (circa 1995) then a Palm Pilot, (and an upgraded Palm) and then for the past few years, nothing. For now, a low grade tablet—and for Christmas (I have been a good girl) a new smart phone--(also android based!) —by then, I should be, if not a wiz at Android –at least proficient--a full fledged member of this century's technology--(and not a dinosaur left in the last one).

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