Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Getting Better—Day by Day

I look at my wound every day, and see, every day, that is getting smaller and healthier looking—but yesterday I had proof that I (as a total person!) am getting better. Yesterday was a frustrating waste of time, money (OK, just $10 or so, but $1o is a lot of money when you are out of work!) and energy—and while I was annoyed—I wasn't done in.

A few weeks ago–3 to be precise—a day like yesterday would have had me in tears—not for long—but I would (I did!) find I had no reserve of patience to deal with even minor set backs. Now, they piss me off, but I take them in stride. And I can even find joy in little things, and be happy in the evening after a rotten start to the day.

I started off noticing—I had messed up (in a very minor way) my lace scarf. Instead of working both halves every row—I found I was half a pattern repeat (6 rows!) out of sync!--An easy fix—but really, where was my head at!?

Each end is a bit over 12 inches long now—and while the smaller of the two balls is pretty limp, I think I still have enough yarn to do yet one more pattern repeat, before starting the lacy rib pattern for the back of the neck.

This is going to be a nice size scarf—which makes me happy! I am still not sure I like the color—It's a lovely cranberry red, but cranberry red is just not a color that sends me. But I love the yarn, and I love the how the pattern is working out—and I love how the overall length is going to work out too!

Tuesday night knitting was sparse—just 3 of us—and it ended early (which I really didn't mind, because I was tired and planning to leave early anyway, though not quite as early as I did!) I am off in a short while to deliver my DD's CSA veggies—and I got a veggie of my own (with out stealing any from her selection)—a wonderful sweet dumpling winter squash. (This mini squash is single serving)

I love winter squash—just about all of them—but unless you go to the farmers market—the selection of choices is often pretty sparse—you have your acorn and your butternut—and that's about it. The best fruit and veggie stand (which is also 6 blocks away and the other side of Queens Blvd (aka boulavard of death!)) some times has some other squashes—but last time I went there—looking for a spaghetti squash—I came home empty handed.

Well, no, not really empty handed-- I came home with several pounds of fruits and veggies (that grew heavier and heavier with each passing block )--just with out the one thing I wanted to buy! I'll try again tomorrow-- I still want a spaghetti squash!--and maybe I'll find some thing else interesting.

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