Monday, November 07, 2011

Growing Like A Weed

Now there are 9 inches of lace (and the once plump balls of yarn are hollowing out)—I can do another inch or two before I begin to get nervous—then I'll change the stitch pattern to a simpler, open lace (a much more open lace) for the back of the neck—All the fancy lace up front—and something easy to bunch up for the back of the neck.

The result will end up being an ascot style scarf—with soft open lace in the back will scrunch up nicely (who needs 12 inches of fabric at the back of the neck?) Front ends--the diamond lace-- will fall flatter, across the front of the neck upper chest-- Nicely filling in the opening of coat neck line.
A showy front, and simpler back.

This photo shows the variations of color that exist in the wool—but the previous photo's are closer to the actual color (this image was lit with a Ott type light) Amazingly-- the light to dark and dark to light gradiations are very similar on each piece—Not perfectly matched.. but balanced.

This has really been a quick knitting scarf—I think I'll be done before I have a chance to get bored!

PS--D finished up her socks, and I grafted the toes of mine too!

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Judy said...

Yeah D. and congratulation to you also!